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~ The historical past, botany, cultivation, distillation of the flowers for important
oil, solubility
the makes use of of the oil.

Distillation And Aromatherapy Books, 10 Different Bottles Of Ylang-Ylang Oil And A Small Copper Distillation Unit.
Books and oils wanted for analysis


YLANG-YLANG BOTANICAL & LATIN BINOMIAL ~   Cananga odorata    Hook. f. & Thomson. Ylang has different frequent names similar to  Macassar-oil plant, or fragrance tree. Ylang-Ylang is alleged to imply ‘flower of flowers’ within the Philippines. Nonetheless, I used to be not capable of verify this. It may imply a number of different phrases as properly. The Tagalog identify is ilang-ilang.
            “The species and its genus have an extended and slightly complicated nomenclatural historical past that has but to be resolved utterly.”3 Turner and Veldkamp

            Naming ~ There are two types of the plant, typically known as Cananga odorata forma macrophylla which produces the oil known as Cananga and the extra well-known Cananga odorata forma genuina which is the oil we can be discussing. They’re thought of totally different timber with totally different plant descriptions, forma macrophylla from Java and different islands whereas forma genuina is greatest when from Madagascar.   
       I’ve been lucky to have seen and smelled each sorts though on the time (1990) I used to be not conscious of the distinction within the vegetation.

         Household – Annonaceae

COUNTRIES OF ORIGIN ~ Native to India, Indonesia, and the Philippines, and grows properly within the Comoros, Islands of Madagascar, Réunion, in addition to Haiti and Zanzibar. The Fairchild Tropical Gardens in Coral Gables, Florida have timber as does the Palm Seashore Backyard Membership (I imagine that was the identify of the place the place I spoke about 20 years in the past).

GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF PLANT, HABITAT & GROWTH ~ Tall tropical tree rising over 60 ft excessive with massive drooping yellow flowers, as much as six inches extensive. The flowers first seem inexperienced and are with out perfume and coated in white hairs, then, roughly twenty days later, change to white then to yellow and turn out to be very aromatic.

            “On this nation, there are additionally massive timber which at sure instances produce very stunning aromatic flowers. One in every of these is the Cananga-tree, which is slightly excessive, stunning of the trunk (which generally could also be a fathom round), and greyish of bark. The leaves are in rows on lengthy twigs organized in opposition to one another, about so long as extensive, much like a peach leaf, acute, and filled with ribs. The blossom, or flowers, present themselves right here and there between the leaves, in bunches, properly much like a considerably yellow or orange ribbon, which hangs down, consisting of six lengthy slim weak leaflets, about a bit of finger lengthy, and as extensive.
Her true shade at first is pale yellow, having on prime as a small peppercorn, from which the fruit comes. They’re very robust in scent, which they unfold alongside the entire highway the place this tree stands, particularly in direction of the night time; but their shade is probably the most nice. A lot of the flowers fall with out producing a fruit (just a few excepted) and had been collected, for nosegays for the younger damsels, to hold them of their hair. The native dries it, too, to smoke it underneath his tobacco, or to eat them with betel nut, placing a leaflet with the betel quid. Additionally they serve to embellish with them the vegetable-bows on the massive festivals, and particularly with an oil that has been extracted, which could be very robust, aromatic, and helpful in opposition to many illnesses originating from frigidness.    The natives additionally use this oil beneath their betel nut, additionally they combine it along with their bobori . The wild doesn’t differ a lot from the tame, of which we present a department on No XLII.”3

Ylang-Ylang Flowers
Ylang-Ylang flowers


         The flowers are harvested recent and hydro- or steam-distilled. In 375 Important Oils & Hydrosols, specific instruction is given on easy methods to distill Ylang-Ylang flowers. See p. 159.4
1) all elements of the nonetheless have to be immaculate.
2) the flowers ought to be absolutely mature, not broken, and harvested early within the morning.
3) flowers have to be taken instantly to the distillery and distilled instantly.
4) the stills are direct-fired, and the water ought to be nearly boiling when the flowers are added.
5) proceed easily, rapidly, uniformly with supervised eyes-on distillation.
6) condensation have to be environment friendly, and the fractions sharply lower off.
7) full notes ought to be taken on all elements of the rising, harvesting and distillation together with info on the distillation climate, water, tools, wind and temperature through the distillation.

        “The flowers of the tree are steam-distilled.  “The primary a part of the distillation produced throughout the first 45 minutes produces the best oil, generally known as “Additional” and the receiver is then eliminated, and one other receiver put as an alternative. The “Additional” is used primarily in perfumery.  The identical flowers  proceed to be distilled for a number of extra hours and in 2 ½  hours, one other receiver when eliminated is known as the 1st fraction, because the distillation continues for a number of extra hours and the receiver is eliminated and that is known as the twond fraction, distillation will proceed for as much as 10-14 hours and eventually, the  finish outcome is known as the threerd fraction. This final fraction is usually used for eradicating varnishes. This course of can take as much as fourteen hours.               Ylang-Ylang oil can also be produced by solvent extraction with ether and this kinds a concrète and absolute.“4
                  On Madagascar generally when a steam-distillation is finished for a ‘full’  the complete distillation is finished in 6-Eight hours.

            Yield ~ 1.5-2%.
A mature tree offers 9 kilograms of recent flowers yielding 30 grams of oil per

3 Fractions Of Ylang-Ylang Oil Shown
Three fractions of the oil

           There’s a research and work being carried out on capturing Ylang-Ylang scent by headspace know-how. This can be a course of used to seize the odor compounds current within the air that encompass an object. As soon as the scent is captured and analyzed, perfumers can attempt to recreate the scent utilizing what they’ve obtainable.

Showing Ylang-Ylang Plant And Headspace Technology
Scent seize by headspace know-how

SUSTAINABILITY ~ Ylang-ylang appears to be sustainable at this level and several other massive business corporations are working with planters and growers to take care of the wholesome inhabitants of those tree flowers. They work to champion accountable sourcing and supporting the farming neighborhood.

CONTRAINDICATIONS ~ It might trigger nausea and headache
if overused.



5 Organoleptic Characteristics Of Ylang-Ylang Oil Through 8 Samples
5 Organoleptic traits of Ylang-Ylang oil via Eight samples

Description ~
There at the moment are six described tastes: candy, bitter,
salty, bitter, umami (savory) and pungent (warmth and spice).

8 Different Fractions (Types) Of Ylang-Ylang Oil (7 Courtesy Of Eden Botanicals)
Eight totally different fractions (sorts) of ylang-ylang oil (7 courtesy of eden botanicals)

There may be extra descriptive odor info within the
Mixing portion of this weblog publish and odor snapshots on the finish. I’m
notably keen on the  Absolute of
Ylang-Ylang and the Additional that I’ve from 1995, and 2005.  These two sorts of Ylang-ylang are so wealthy
and floral, fruity with powder and honey again notes.

         Absolutely the and the additional have deep wealthy shade and have a really satisfying and wealthy fatty, floral, and a fruity odor that has nice tenacity in a scent mix. The entire and the high-quality natural are additionally satisfying with very particular makes use of in mixing and perfumery. In a mix these prime fractions have uncommon energy within the prime notice, and the perfume fades out very slowly and elegantly in a long-lasting, floral-spicy and really candy manner that’s really paying homage to the perfume of the flower.


Ylang-Ylang is just not soluble in 2 volumes of 95% alcohol. Meaning for those who add 1-volume of Ylang-Ylang to 2-volumes of alcohol it is going to be milky and never clear. You must add sufficient alcohol as a diluent in order that it isn’t milky.         Years in the past, I had a telephone name from a pupil that the Ylang she was utilizing was milky and never clear when she added alcohol as a diluent. I went to my Guenther books and browse all about  Ylang and located that it isn’t soluble in sure quantities of alcohol. As an experiment in July of 2002, I made a decision to do some varied dilutions for my very own information and experimentation. As follows:
1 quantity of Ylang -Ylang Additional plus 2 volumes of 85% Pear EtOH — milky and creamy in shade …
1 quantity of Ylang -Ylang Additional plus 2 volumes of 95% Grain EtOH — milky and golden in shade …
1 quantity of Ylang -Ylang #Three plus 2 volumes of 85% Pear EtOH — milky and creamy in shade …
1 quantity of Ylang -Ylang #Three plus 2 volumes of 95% Grain EtOH  — milky and golden in shade …


           In September 2002, I combined 20 drops of every of the 4 sorts of Ylang -Ylang with 10 or fewer drops of every of the alcohol and located that the colour stayed golden in shade and that the mixtures had been clear.  

        18 hours later at 10 am on 9/7/02 – I seemed on the mixtures and located that the Ylang-Ylang had settled out of the 85% EtOH and was nonetheless turbid in 95% grain EtOH. I combined the 2 sorts of 85% EtOH and Ylang-Ylang collectively and watched the settling course of.

            Then I learn Guenther once more and located
that in case your Ylang -Ylang will get milky in alcohol it solely signifies that you added
too little or an excessive amount of alcohol — it’s speculated to get milky and if it doesn’t
get milky then you’ve an adulterated Ylang -Ylang. In different phrases, the extra
alcohol you add the milkier and cloudier it will get till as much as 10 volumes of 90%
EtOH and it’ll start to clear. [thus, you need 10 times the high-proof
alcohol as a diluent with Ylang-Ylang]


            Right here is extra info from Guenther…

“Oils obtained by steam distillation in a big distillery on Madagascar are of excellent high quality. The comparatively excessive particular gravity and ester variety of the “3rd” fraction show that distillation was not “pushed” too far. Total distillation of Ylang-Ylang lasted 12  hours….”1                                    —Guenther, The Important Oils, vol. 5, pages 297 particularly and pages 276-316.

Solubility Chart
Solubility chart

This was a
nice experiment.


CHEMICAL COMPONENTS ~ Ylang-Ylang oil could be very complicated with many constituents together with, Linaloöl, Geranyl Acetate, Benzyl Benzoate, B-Caryophyllene, Benzyl Acetate, Methyl Benzoate, Methyl Salicylate, Eugenol, Cresol and Terpenes similar to pinene and cadinene. “The odds are 33-38% sesquiterpenes 52-64% alcohols and esters, and three% phenols, terpenes, aldehydes, and ketones”.4


HISTORICAL USES ~ Perfumery and as an aphrodisiac and anti-depressant.           
Ylang-Ylang or Cananga oil is used as hairdressing and constituent of perfumery together with Chanel No. 5 and others. It’s typically combined with pimento oil (aka Allspice oil or Pimenta dioica). Macassar oil is usually made utilizing coconut oil or palm oil or that of Schleichera oleosa (known as Kusum or Malay Lac tree), mixed with Ylang-ylang oil that’s obtained by processing the flowers of the Ylang-ylang tree, (Cananga odorata) and different aromatic oils.

           An outdated enjoyable phrase is an antimacassar. The Macassar oil would switch from the person’s hair to the again of his chair and the antimacassar was developed, that’s, a small material like a doily or tatted cloth positioned over the backs or arms of chairs, or the pinnacle or cushions of a settee, to stop soiling of the chair. The identify additionally refers back to the material flap ‘collar’ on a sailor’s shirt or prime, used to maintain macassar oil off the uniform.

Macassar Oil – Hair Dressing
2 ozof Macassar Oil (Schleichera oleosa) or Argan oil
as much as 1-oz.of Argan oil (Argan oil, Argania spinosa), or Coconut oil
2-Four Ylang flowers
as much as 10 drops Ylang oil (Use fraction #1 or the Full)
Macerate in a bain-marie (with very heat water beneath) the Macassar oil and the flowers, till the oil has taken up the scent of the flowers. It will take 1-Three hours in a heat room.
Pressure and add the opposite oil and the important oil.
Let it relaxation. Test the scent –  if delicate and candy it’s okay. If too robust, add a little bit of Argan/Macassar/Coconut – whichever you favor.
If the scent is just not robust sufficient, subsequent time use extra flowers.
—Jeanne Rose 2012


the Cananga odorata will not be edible.  When the flowers are picked at night time, they
are probably the most aromatic and the resultant important oil is named the “Queen of
Perfumes”.  It’s not well-known, however
Ylang-Ylang oil is utilized in confectionery, enhancing fruit flavors similar to peach
and apricot, for sweet, icings and baked items, in addition to in smooth drinks and
chewing gum. 

            OVER the years, I’ve written about Ylang-Ylang and in contrast the varied fractions of the important oil and have famous that they’re changing into much less intense and totally different each in scent and in shade. I’ve skilled and photographed these modifications. I can’t say why these modifications have occurred however since writing The Aromatherapy Guide in 1992, I wrote the next.  “Now we come to the de-evolution of Ylang Full – as soon as a wealthy and actual complete scent that was distilled from the flowers and picked up from the full distillation.” Within the {photograph} beneath, you may see the colour change from the wealthy shade of 1995, to much less shade in 2000, to ever much less shade from 2005 to 2010. Once more, I’m assuming that the massive fragrance homes are getting one of the best, or presumably the distillers are distilling too lengthy or possibly the 1st fraction is eliminated, and the steadiness collected; however no matter is going on, it isn’t good!

4 Bottles Of Ylang-Ylang Complete From Different Distillation Of  2000 To 2010 Showing Change In Color Of The Oil
Ylang Full over time 2000-2010

            And about
Ylang-Ylang Additional: “It’s superb how Ylang-Ylang Additional has modified and
de-evolved over time with presumably the identical causes taking place that growers
and distillers are sending the very best high quality Additional to Paris for high-end
fragrance or the climate is altering and messing with the flowers or the
distillers will not be being as discriminating as they as soon as had been to separate every
fraction rigorously. Have a look at the good variety of shade (additionally mirrored within the
scent) of Ylang-Ylang Additional from 1995 to 2005 to 2010.” This continues immediately.  You possibly can be taught 
from this by studying the  Aromatherapy
Research Course
– http://www.jeannerose.internet/aromatherapy.html

Ylang-Ylang Extra From 3 Distillations From 1995-2010
Ylang Additional from Three distillations from 1995-2010



Properties (by IG=ingestion or IN=inhalation or AP=software) ~ If you happen to use Ylang-Ylang by software, it’s antiseptic with the “second” and “thirds” fractions being antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and antiparasitic. If you happen to use the oil by inhalation it’s considerably aphrodisiac, calming and acts as a nervine and a sedative, antidepressant, calmative, cardiotonic, and euphoric. 

Contra-Indications & Private Notice: In my very own expertise, most fractions of Ylang-Ylang will not be cardiotonic however an accelerator of coronary heart rhythm. Please be further cautious with this pretty perfumery oil. Don’t use on youngsters or the aged.


Utility: Add just a few drops in skincare merchandise and use to appease the pores and skin, ease gentle ache or use in perfumery. Fraction  #1 has typically been really helpful to be added to a mix to deal with scabies and mange, though I’ve by no means had the chance to do that.

Inhalation of Ylang-Ylang: RELAX! Ylang-Ylang is used externally for tub and physique and inhaled to appease anger, relieve, ache, for insomnia, a euphoric that serves as an aphrodisiac and to deal with impotence.       
Use it with Lemon oil and Lavender oil to loosen up your blood stress as research have proven that it is a very efficient method. This combination was discovered to be efficient in decreasing systolic blood stress and sympathetic nerve system exercise. The mix was 2•2•1 (Lemon/Lavender/Ylang full) and you may examine it right here.— http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21157172

Ingestion: Ylang-Ylang has been taken up to now for PMS, to manage circulation, as a uterine tonic, aphrodisiac, and cardiotonic. Nonetheless, I’m not certain that the suitable manner to make use of these flowers is by the consumption of the oil; the oil has devolved over time (see Fascinating Details above) and from my very own private exploration and information and my makes use of of over 45 years, one of the best ways is just by inhalation for leisure and emotional soothing.

Ylang-Ylang oil is distilled in 4 fractions, further, first, second and third, further and first fractions are used most frequently in fragrance, second and third in cleaning soap perfume.  “Additional and third are crucial in commerce.   There may be additionally a Ylang-Ylang absolute produced by solvent extraction.  Distillation is historically carried out in slightly small stills to keep away from damaging the flowers with the load of a heavy cost. With uncommon energy in its prime notice, the perfume fades out very slowly and most elegantly in a long-lasting, floral-spicy and really candy notice, really paying homage to the perfume of the flower.” It’s so good in perfumery and utilized in soothing skincare and by inhalation, in dilution, it eases despair and soothes anger.

Ylang is so soothing and good –
it makes up in scent with its worth –
Add to fragrance –
romance will growth –
And you could find yourself married with rice.

•Inhalation: Aphrodisiac, nervousness, anti-depressant, euphoric, relieves rigidity, stress, irritability, and anger, cardiotonic, sedative, PMS, bodily exhaustion.
•Inhalation of Ylang #1 oil as an aphrodisiac and for insomnia, to sooth aggression and really helpful in a person’s product for stress.
        Valerie Worwood means that Ylang-Ylang (fraction used unknown) be used to counteract nervousness, rigidity, stress and shyness amongst different issues after which it may be used to help self-confidence and heat. She says the “Ylang-Ylang character is very female”. — The Aromatic Thoughts, p. 398.

DIFFUSE/DIFFUSION ~ All fractions of Ylang oil can be utilized with different oils and used within the diffusor. It appears particularly good to combine with Lemon and true Lavender oil to appease the ambiance of a room.



The highest notice, the primary impression of the scent as it’s utilized to the pores and skin, is slightly fleeting and ephemeral however richly candy and highly effective. The center and backside notes are most lasting, fading out slowly over the course of a day.” 5         
• All fractions of Ylang-Ylang mix properly with an unlimited number of oils and resins and smells from all elements of vegetation, such because the seeds (Cardamom), roots (Vetivert), stems (Lavender), flowers (Jasmin), barks (Cedrus), and herbs similar to Spearmint. It will do you properly to know what fraction you’ve and take a look at some blends earlier than deciding in your favourite.
           Personally, as a result of I’ve bodily points with my coronary heart, I’m unable to make use of the fractions of Ylang-Ylang known as I, II, or III individually. They really make me nauseous. So, I select absolutely the or further in my perfumery of selection.

Photo Of Ylang-Ylang Flowers That The Author Took In 1992
Ylang photograph of flowers from Fairchild Tropical Botanic Backyard
 by Jeanne Rose, 1992


High Notice -7 drops  of Bergamot, 2 drops of Rosewood,
Four drops of Rose Geranium
Bridge Notice – 1 drop of Lime SD
Coronary heart Notice – 5 drops of Jasmine, Three drops of Rose absolute,
Three drops  of Ylang Additional
Bridge Notice – 2 drops of Sandalwood, 2 drops of Black Pepper
Base Notice –  Eight drops of Patchouli and Four drops of Vetivert
Fixative Notice – 1 drop of Musk Ambrette



            The Pharmacy of Love was a favourite discuss that I gave starting 1992 and I spoke of the facility of Ylang-Ylang and different pretty scents that can be utilized in perfumery and for love. “…These scents included Neroli which is a vital oil from the Bitter Orange flower, Petitgrain which is from the leaves of the Bitter Orange plus Ylang-Ylang further, utilizing the highest grade fragrance important oil from the flowers of the tropical tree, and Jasmine flower and the Atlas Cedar from the wooden of Cedrus atlantica that was utilized in a sacred incense to invoke the gods. These had been used individually and collectively in varied elements of the marriage ritual and vows.”2

            Your complete
article is right here http://www.jeannerose.internet/articles/wedding_aromatic.html

            “The Wedding ceremony Ritual –  Important oil worn by the bride will serve to reinforce her fragrant magnificence, envelop her in an fragrant aura match for a princess, and calm her nerves! As she prepares for the thrilling day, she relaxes with common foot soaks and massages and the common use of aromatherapy for physique care. 5 drops of Peppermint or Sage oil in a foot tub soothes and relieves drained ft. Ten drops of important oil added to an oz. of unscented lotion can be utilized to have a tendency the ft, or wherever on the physique. Whereas Peppermint and Sage are good for the ft, floral oils similar to Ylang-Ylang, Lavandula angustifolia, and Neroli are inhaled present reduction from jittery nerves and rigidity. Fragrant baths of 3-5 drops of those important oils are swished into the bathtub simply earlier than stepping in to extend the efficacy of this stress-relieving time.”2


2 Types Of Ylang-Ylang Hydrosol With The Essential Oil.
Cananga odorata hydrosol from Waiitibotanicals.com

HYDROSOL ~ I obtained
the above two bottles of Ylang-Ylang hydrosol in October. They had been distilled
on the finish of August from flowers harvested within the early a.m. on the island of
Kauai. Distillation began earlier than midday and lasted for Eight hours for the
steam-distillation and Four hours for the hydro-distillation. Wai’iti
values their firm as a single origin botanical purveyor and
began this plant from seed.

           Ylang-ylang hydrosol is kind of good as a twig on the face and physique. With a wee bit (1%) of Spearmint, it can convey pleasure and peacefulness. Spray this mix on pillows and mattress linens for candy sleep. By itself it’s a calming floral aroma; added to a toner it can assist mixture pores and skin or oily pores and skin. It can be sprayed on the hair for a light-weight aroma. Use it after you’ve shampooed and rinsed, as a twig mist, after which comb it via.             I’ve used Ylang hydrosol myself many instances and have at all times liked this specific hydrosol. I’ve additionally seen it listed on a number of web sites however since no info was given about the way it was produced or the place or when I’ve chosen to not buy.   

I counsel that you just too, not buy a hydrosol until sure key bits of knowledge are given similar to when it was produced, the place it was produced, who produced it, and did they comply with appropriate distillation and sterile procedures.

HERBAL USES ~ You probably have the chance to acquire recent flowers, you may “put them in a vase at residence, the perfume can last as long as a month, even till flowers themselves are completely dried and shriveled.”4  The flowers can be infused in oil and this oil used both as a hairdressing or in therapeutic massage. And naturally, the flowers can be utilized to fragrance your tub or in your hair as a ornament.

tonic and in perfumery



Gio Costanzo, Ylang, and Champagne – Gio is a very nice good friend of mine who occurs to have simply turn out to be single once more.  Geo is simply studying about important oils and have become very intrigued with them when one other good friend of ours talked about that they might act as ‘aphrodisiacs.’  “HOW?” was the primary query requested?  “Effectively, you should utilize them to make issues scent actually aromatic like  you may put a drop or two of Eucalyptus in your sauna to make the place scent higher; you may put a drop of Ylang-Ylang in your champagne and drink it together with your girlfriend; you may add important oils to the final rinse of your laundry to make your bedding scent actually candy,” was our collective response.
A number of months later I discovered myself on a aircraft with him, flying to Texas for a soccer sport, and requested concerning the aphrodisiac and if he had used it.
He had grabbed maintain of the Ylang-Ylang within the champagne reply however hadn’t listened to the half about “a drop” and had added one thing like 1-drop to every glass poured from his very costly bottle of champagne. He informed me that he and his girlfriend had spent the night collectively and had a number of glasses every of the bubbles however didn’t very like the style and so went to mattress the place they promptly fell asleep. “I didn’t prefer it and It didn’t work very properly as an aphrodisiac, but it surely did work to place us to sleep”.
            He additionally informed me that I had forgotten crucial a part of his story that the Ylang-ylang didn’t make then scent good. “I believed we had been going to scent good however after ingesting the champagne, we smelled so dangerous we couldn’t stand one another in the identical mattress. That was the worst a part of it, and you may point out that.  Jeanne what we did was put a drop in each glass of champagne till we had used up all of the Ylang. We hopped into mattress, began getting scorching sweats after which the pungent scent came visiting us. It was a horrid scent and we couldn’t wash that scent away. We slept in numerous rooms that night time due to the scent. There went that romantic night time! Additionally dangerous for me on the aircraft the following day. That’s the way in which my first expertise with Ylang went.”


Canine use

A Photo Of Wolfie Dog In 1995
That is the well-known Wolfie Canine in 1995

          Many who’ve the books of Jeanne Rose, aromatherapist and writer of many books regarding herbs and aromatherapy, know the story of  Sumo and Wolfie.  “A number of books that I’ve written describe many pure treatments. The story of Sumo, my son Bryan Moore’s canine who was a full-grown Akita-Shepherd cross with the face of a pet, is a lesson in pure well being care.  He was run over by a automotive and dragged alongside the pavement on his proper facet for a long way.  The damage to his rear proper leg was extreme together with severed ligaments and tendons in a 180-degree rotation across the hock joint and torn off pores and skin and muscle groups.  Veterinarians really helpful amputation.  I (Jeanne Rose) refused to permit this and handled the canine’s wounds with diluted flowering Tea Tree hydrosol (Melaleuca linariifolia) and diluted important oils of recent Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) and Lavender (Lavandula x intermedia var Grosso). As we speak there’s solely an nearly unnoticeable scar the size of his leg and a slight limp in Sumo’s blissful gait.  On the similar time, I used Ylang-Ylang #1 (Cananga odorata) oil in a diffuser to deal with my canine, Wolfie (the attractive blue-eyed Siberian Husky), by inhalation. She was emotionally traumatized by the horrible incident.”5 She additionally wouldn’t go exterior until attended. Ylang-Ylang #1 important oil was added to the diffuser and Wolfie would stand up and lie down nearer to the diffuser at instances through the day after which return to her mattress. When Sumo got here residence, she was far more comfortable. Wolfie was additionally thrown by the identical automotive and hit her rear hip that later in life developed a spindle cell tumor. Nonetheless, each canine lived previous their 16th birthday.”.

Warning -do not entice a canine close to a diffuser with out a manner for it to maneuver away. Some odors are simply too robust for a canine’s delicate sense of scent.


A Bottle With Scent Arising
Scent Rising up

Table of Contents

Science article ~ Security evaluation of Ylang–Ylang (Cananga spp.) as a meals ingredient
George A. Burdock, Ioana Carabin. From Meals and Chemical Toxicology, vol. 46,  subject 2, February 2008, pg. 433-445.
Summary. Ylang–Ylang oil is used within the meals trade as a taste ingredient. It’s a complicated chemical combination within the type of important oil extracted by water or water-and-steam distillation from the recent flowers of Cananga odorata Hook. f. & Thomson. Ylang–Ylang oil has been reported to trigger dermal sensitization reactions in animals and people, however it’s unclear what constituent(s) throughout the important oil comprise the offending agent(s) and whether or not some Ylang–Ylang oils which have had sure constituent(s) eliminated are any much less susceptible to trigger such allergic reactions. There isn’t any indication within the literature that meals publicity to Ylang–Ylang oil has triggered allergic reactions. One subchronic inhalation toxicity research, involving Ylang–Ylang oil as half of a bigger perfume uncooked supplies combination, gave no indication of inflicting adversarial results, however the relevance to danger evaluation of oral meals flavoring use exposures is probably going minimal. No additional toxicity knowledge for Ylang–Ylang oil have been reported. However the foregoing, Ylang–Ylang oil has an extended historical past of perfume and meals flavoring use, with no indication that its estimated consumption from meals flavoring use (0.0001 mg/kg/day) has led to any adversarial human well being results. These knowledge point out that on the present degree of consumption as a meals ingredient, Ylang–Ylang oil doesn’t pose a well being danger to people.

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Moderation in All Issues.

Be reasonable in your use of important oils as they’re simply not sustainable for the atmosphere.
Be selective and extra reasonable in your utilization.


2 Vocabulary Of Odor Snapshot  Wheels Of Ylang-Ylang Odor Of Absolute And Extra 95
Odor snapshot of YY Abs & Additional
2 Vocabulary Of Odor Snapshot  Wheels Of Odor Of Ylang-Ylang Complete And Fine Organic.
Odor Snapshot of YY Full & Natural High quality


Safety Considerations
Security Issues

Many because of the businesses who’ve
wholeheartedly supported aromatherapy schooling and this weblog with samples,
important oils, and GC/MS. Particularly to

Photo Of Ylang-Ylang Flowers From Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden  By Jeanne Rose 1992
Ylang photograph of flowers from Fairchild Tropical Botanic Backyard  by Jeanne Rose 1992