Top 5 Genius DIY Lotion Bar Recipes You Will Love


Whoever invented the lotion bar concept is genius, pure genius. I mean seriously, why would you ever use boring ole lotion again? Especially when there’s an ultra moisturizing homemade lotion bar waiting for you to caress your skin with!

The easiest of DIYs, the most perfect of gifts, these lotion bars are my jam and I’m so excited to share them with you!

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Lotion Bar Molds

Guess what? Despite how cute they look, these bars don’t require a fancy-shmazy mold to make, you have no excuse!

This formula can be poured into just about anything. So get creative!

I’ve made these bad boys in muffin cups, silicon ice cube trays, silicon soap molds, even old Altoid tins.

You can also spray the sides of a larger pan with cooking oil and cut the lotion bars into manageable slices. Try using a bread pan for this.

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