Sorts of Corona-virus? Is there any COVID-19 Therapy?

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What’s Corona-virus?

Are you aware the Corona-virus definition? what’s coronavirus? What are the forms of Corona-virus? Why Corona-virus is harmful? What’s COVID-19? On this article, we need to focus on such points.

COVID-19 is a typical harmful illness brought on by the Corona-virus household, belongs to an prolonged household of viruses that may infect each animals and people. The prevalence of this virus is quick however the mortality is low.

What are the forms of Corona-virus?

Types Of Corona-Virus
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There are lots of several types of Corona-virus with totally different prevalence and mortality charges. Probably the most well-known forms of Corona-virus on this household are:

  • 229E (alpha Corona-virus)
  • NL63 (alpha Corona-virus)
  • OC43 (beta Corona-virus)
  • HKU1 (beta Corona-virus)
  • SARS-CoV
  • MERS-CoV 
  • Novel Corona-virus illness nCOV-2019 (n-COVID-19)


The virus from the Corona-virus household, often called the “SARS virus (SARS-CoV)” causes a critical illness referred to as “Extreme Acute Respiratory Syndrome” or SARS. It was first reported in Guangdong, China, in November 2002, after which spreads to Hong Kong, then expanded the world over.

2- MERS-CoV 

In 2012, one other virus from the Corona-virus household which was capable of trigger a extreme respiratory illness referred to as the “Center East Respiratory Syndrome” or MERS prevalence. The primary case noticed in Saudi Arabia, and different circumstances reported in France, Germany, Jordan, Qatar, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and the UK in 2013. Moreover, nearly two-thirds of the MERS sufferers have died.

3- Coronavirus sort n-CoVID 2019

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What’s coronavirus new properties and results? The brand new virus named by the World Well being Group (WHO), Corona-virus n-CoV2019 virus. The primary time the virus present in individuals related to the Chinese language seafood market in Wuhan in China. Additionally, the primary report of the virus registered on December 31, 2019, on the World Well being Group.

Which forms of Coronavirus sufferers exist?

The Novel Corona-virus sufferers divide into sufferers with delicate signs and sufferers with extreme signs. Delicate signs embrace low-degree fever, dry cough, tiredness, restlessness, or throat ache with out warning signs equivalent to issue respiratory or shortness of breath. This group can deal with by well being care and relaxation at house, in accordance with the World Well being Group’s advice.

The extreme signs embrace excessive fever, a rise in tough respiratory, throat sputum or Throat bleeding, gastrointestinal signs equivalent to nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea with no change in temper equivalent to confusion or tiredness that must be referred to medical facilities instantly. Happily, primarily based on statistics 80% of Corona-virus sufferers had delicate signs and have been recovered.

5 major methods to guard in opposition to COVID-19 an infection

  1. Wash your arms and disinfect them usually.
  2. Cowl your mouth and nostril together with your bent elbow whenever you cough or sneeze.
  3. Don’t contact any a part of your face with soiled arms.
  4. Maintain a secure distance with others, at the very least 1m, particularly in public locations.
  5. Keep at house and relaxation whenever you really feel unwell. 
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Does the Corona-virus unfold by means of the air?

The Corona-virus is transmitted from tiny respiratory droplets from somebody’s coughing, sneezing, and even speaking. However these droplets do not stay within the air however they continue to be on the atmosphere. However some stories point out that this virus could unfold within the air. The measles virus, Not like the Corona-virus, is suspended within the air for 2 hours after sneezing and coughing.

What’s the that means of social distance and why it’s needed?

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Social distance or bodily distance means to keep away from having shut contact with individuals, don’t go to crowded locations, don’t meet others, and preserve a secure distance in needed circumstances. In reality, Social distance can scale back the prospect of an infection.

Do recovered COVID-19 sufferers reinfect?

WHO researchers Introduced that recovered Corona-virus sufferers could get the Corona-virus once more,.The  Director-Basic of the World Well being Group has already mentioned they don’t have any definitive reply to this query and are investigating it.

Is there any vaccine for COVID-19? 

What Is Coronavirus
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Weak and secure viruses which can be injected into the human physique, to guard the physique from the viruses, are referred to as the vaccine. The white blood cells (WBCs) determine these weak viruses and destroy them and make a substance referred to as antibodies. When lively viruses from that sort are acknowledged once more the in physique WBCs destroys them rapidly. Regardless of many efforts of scientists to date, the definitive vaccine has not been discovered for this mysterious illness. There’s additionally no definitive remedy or therapy for COVID-19. Subsequently, the one manner is to forestall and Observance of well being ideas and attempt to break the coronavirus chain of transmission. Additionally, enhance the immune system to deal with with the COVID-19

Is there any Corona-virus therapy?

Whereas some chemical, conventional or natural medicines could relieve the Corona-virus signs and be efficient for Corona-virus therapy, there is no such thing as a proof of the definitive Corona-virus therapy and COVID-19. WHO has declared that no vaccine has been detected for the virus, and WHO introduced that no vaccine has been developed to date and researchers are repeatedly attempting for it.

What are the medicines to deal with COVID-19?

  1. Hydroxychloroquine: reduces the irritation by affecting the Immune system and limits the damages brought on by illness.
  2. IVIG: Boosts the Immune system and will increase antibodies.
  3. KALETRA: is an antiviral medication for the therapy or prevention of various viruses.
  4. Ribavirin: is an antiviral medication for the therapy of extreme respiratory infections.
  5. Sofosbuvir: is an antiviral medication makes use of to deal with hepatitis C.
  6. Daclatasvir: like Sofosbuvir is an antiviral medication makes use of to deal with hepatitis C.
  7. Atazanavir: is an antiretroviral medication makes use of to deal with human immunosuppressive viruses equivalent to HIV.
  8. Umifenovir: used to deal with viral infections equivalent to influenza.
  9. Oseltamivir: used to deal with influenza A and B.
  10. Azithromycin: is an antibiotic medication for the therapy of bacterial infections equivalent to strep throat.
  11. Dexamethasone: used to alleviate irritation.

The impact of those medication is just not definitive for Corona-virus therapy and most of them are beneath experimental makes use of. Nevertheless, in some circumstances have been partly efficient, primarily based on stories. However these medicines usually are not permitted by the WHO, and positively have to keep away from utilizing and not using a physician’s prescription. Arbitrary consumption can have very harmful penalties.