Plasencia Reserva Unique Natural Cigar Evaluate

Plasencia Reserva Original Cigar Review

Plasencia Reserva Unique Look & Really feel

  • Wrapper Hue: Nutmeg
  • Rolling Consistency: Straight
  • Spring: Agency
  • Aromas: Labdanum, Caramel, Cinnamon

You’ll first discover that this can be a remarkably straight cigar with a really easy and strong development. There are not any discernible gentle spots, and the Reserva Unique tends to have a agency spring when pinched.

It additionally has a particular nutmeg hue, which is emphasised by the mottled and stretched vein texture, which is kind of refined total. And it has a really oily sheen.

On the foot, I’ve listed a few aromas, which embrace labdanum, which is kind of musky, some candy caramel, in addition to a contact of cinnamon spice.

Plasencia Reserva Unique Evaluate

Plasencia Reserva Original Cigar First Third

As with all of our opinions, the cigars had been saved for 3 weeks in a Boveda Acrylic Humidor with 69% RH Boveda packs. Moreover, they had been carefully monitored utilizing a Boveda Butler all through this era.

Pre-Lighting Expertise

  • Draw: Delicate Resistance
  • Aromas: Salted Caramel, Cinnamon, Gingerbread

Some individuals have talked about that the Reserva Unique sometimes has a tough draw. Nevertheless, I had not skilled any of those points with the cigars that I smoked for the needs overview. In actual fact, all of them had an excellent, easy draw.

The flavours aren’t as sturdy as I anticipated on the pre-light given how wealthy they’re on the foot. Nonetheless, I skilled salted caramel that simply left a residue on the lips, in addition to some cinnamon spice as earlier than, and a few gingerbread on this event too, which provided further yeastiness.

1st Third Smoking Expertise

  • Notes: Labdanum, Rosewood, Malt

The primary third opens up with the identical musky labdanum richness that you simply expertise once you’re smelling it off the foot. Nevertheless, right here it’s paired with some aromatic rosewood. There’s a beautiful woody texture that goes very properly with a malt creaminess that you simply get on the retro-hale.

2nd Third Smoking Expertise

Plasencia Reserva Original Cigar Second Third

  • Notes: Charred Patchouli, Grape Should, Nutmeg

As you transition into the second third, you begin to discover an earthiness, which I’d describe as charred patchouli. This herb has a really distinctive flavour, which I definitely detected right here as if it had been burned ever so barely.

One other observe that I significantly loved within the second third was grape should. Grape should is the byproduct once you’re producing wine and it’s what’s leftover after urgent the juice.

That is generally fermented to provide an eau-de-vie reminiscent of grappa and will also be used to provide one thing known as Ratafia. It’s fairly vinous, very fruit-forward with a particular raisin flavour, which is slightly bit boozy as effectively.

This aroma was fairly distinctive and had a sort of balsamic flavour, which paired fairly properly with some nutmeg spice that was revealed within the retro-hale.

Closing Third Smoking Expertise

  • Notes: Terracotta, Pepper, Sandalwood

When you get into the ultimate third, you’ll be greeted by a dominant terracotta observe, which is paying homage to musty earth and the soil of its native nation. This flavour is wealthy in minerals and goes fairly effectively with the pepper that’s significantly current within the retro-hale in addition to an extended and lingering sandalwood end.

As you’ll be able to most likely collect, this can be a very complicated cigar and it contains a wealthy, easy, velvety mouthfeel with a balanced palate stimulation that interacts with each a part of the tongue.

That being stated, all through the primary and second third, it focuses extra on the entrance and it’s not till the ultimate third that we begin to really feel one thing in the back of the tongue.

The lifecycle is kind of developed. You get a wealthy number of traits or notes all through every third, which evolve properly, producing new and distinctive flavours.

And eventually, the end is especially lingering. It lays very properly on the tongue, continues to pair together with your beverage of alternative, which we’ll speak about later. And naturally, the residual scent left within the room is pleasingly fragrant. It’s not overbearing or offensive in any respect. I fairly take pleasure in it after smoking the cigar.

Total Burn

Plasencia Reserva Original Cigar Final Third

  • Ash Spine: Robust Resistance
  • Burn Angle: Most Straight
  • Temperature: Principally Cool
  • Draw: Delicate Resistance
  • Closing Smoking Time: 70 Minutes

Subsequent, we’ll dive into the burn and combustion of the cigar. I did contact up one out of three of the cigars within the first third. Nevertheless, it most likely wasn’t even obligatory. Total, the burn does produce slightly little bit of waviness that’s razor-sharp in look, however you most likely don’t want to the touch it up.

In the meantime, the temperature can get fairly sizzling, particularly the Robusto in case you smoke it too quick. Due to this fact, I encourage you to smoke it slowly and provides it the time that it deserves.

Equally, the spine is powerful sufficient to provide some lengthy ash, which may learn the primary third of the cigar on the very least, which then finally simply plop off naturally into your lap or into an ashtray.

Preferrred Pairings With A Plasencia Reserva Unique Cigar

Plasencia Reserva Original Cigar & Baron Albert ChampagneI usually speak about how I like having a cigar throughout a barbecue. Certainly, the Reserva Unique is a superb cigar that you would have with grilled steak. And I’d recommend particularly a hanger steak. Certainly, it’s very tender and delicate in addition to wealthy in flavour, which might go effectively with the traits of this cigar.

Alternatively, you would go for some darkish chocolate. As an illustration, Argencove a Nicaraguan artisanal model that produces some very positive creations that may go well with it effectively. In any other case, take into account a Danish pastry to boost the yeastiness and spices of the cigar’s profile.

As for drinks, I’d go for an Armagnac moderately than a Cognac. Though Cognac might be a extra widespread alternative with a cigar, Armagnac is produced utilizing a steady column nonetheless. Due to this fact, it’s distilled solely as soon as whereas Cognac is distilled twice.

In consequence, Armagnac manages to retain numerous that vinous fruit-forward flavour, which will surely pair effectively with the cigar’s second third.

Alternatively, classic champagne can be an awesome alternative as effectively, particularly given the primary third’s creamy malt in addition to the second third’s vinous character. Classic champagne tends to be much more mature and complicated and would undoubtedly be finest suited to this cigar.

Lastly, with regards to espresso, as a lot as I like espresso with my cigars, I’d as an alternative recommend a filter espresso. Not solely is it going to be an extended and extra nuanced expertise.

Total Expertise

Plasencia Reserva Original Cigar BoxAs you’ll be able to see within the images, the Reserva Unique has three bands. There’s plenty of ornamentation on the cigar with a white and gold theme. Some could regard it as overkill however I’m fairly keen on the design.

As an illustration, the primary band, it does an excellent job of defending the foot of the cigar from any harm. The second band provides you some very stunning and ornate rustic ornamentation. In the meantime, the ultimate band will keep on once you’re effectively all the way down to the nub.

Due to this fact, you’ll be able to nonetheless have slightly little bit of ornamentation all through the entire smoking expertise.

The field has a really rustic design with leather-based strips across the edges, which have been nailed in place. the centre resembles planks and ther’s a branded Plasencia brand. For those who open it up, the underside of the lid options the cigar’s story with the identical typeface because the band.

As for the worth of the cigar, it supplies you with numerous bang on your buck! You’ll be able to choose these up as singles for simply $7.90, which is superb given the expertise that it supplies and that it’s a absolutely natural cigar.

Nevertheless, you are able to do even higher, and Paul managed to choose up a few packing containers which got here to $5 every per cigar!

The funding is definitely worthwhile because the Reserva Unique is a really versatile cigar that you should use nearly anyplace, any time.

Certainly, it will look nice at a proper event, in a luxurious lounge, or you would take pleasure in it at an important day, reminiscent of a marriage, particularly on condition that it’s a white band with a gold textual content on it. It seems very luxurious and but it’s an reasonably priced cigar. In any other case, you’ll be able to nonetheless take pleasure in it casually alone or with mates.

Closing Ideas

I’ve finished my finest to be as neutral as attainable and I hope that you simply’re glad with the outcomes. Certainly, the Plasencia Reserva Unique is a improbable, versatile cigar which you can take pleasure in for a wide range of events.

It’s additionally very beginner-friendly, and it’s an awesome cigar to get began on. It’s gentle, however not too gentle, and it has a wide range of complicated flavours. It can additionally fulfill even essentially the most seasoned veteran of cigar fans.