Make Your Own Vitamin C Serum At Home

Skincare is a crucial task that everyone should perform at least one time in a day as it will help them to retain a healthy and radiant skin for a long time. Apart from regular skincare, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle, consume a good amount of water and opt for a regular workout which will assist you to maintain glowing skin.

However, very fewer people can keep this routine in their daily life because most of the people stay busy with their work. It has been seen that people who use vitamin C serum skin care products hardly get any effective result.

People spend a lot of money on artificial Vitamin C serum that doesn’t contain pure Vitamin C, so most of the experts recommend users to opt for homemade Vitamin C serum which can be easily made at home.

Almost every ingredient that is used for vitamin C serum at home are readily available in the market, and most of them come with a decent price. So you won’t have to worry about shelling huge amount of money on homemade serum of Vitamin C. Here we will provide you the method of creating the serum and also provide inner details of the Vitamin C serum.

Ingredients Needed for Making Vitamin C Serum

A number of elements are required for making vitamin C serum totally depends upon your need, and you can increase the amount if you want more. It is crucial you should get the pure form of the ingredients because it will help you to create the ideal serum which will work effectively on your skin. These ingredients are:

  • One teaspoon of GMO-free vitamin C powder (You can easily find it a cosmetic or medical store).

  • One teaspoon of purified or filtered water.
  • One and a half teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel (It is readily available in local cosmetic store )
  • One eight teaspoons of Vitamin E oil ( Many reputed medical stores keep this item )

  • Five drops frankincense essential oil ( You might have to find it online stores )

Steps for Creating The Vitamin C Serum

The method of creating vitamin C serum at home is quite easy, and you have to spend around 15 to 20 minutes to prepare your serum which will help you to gain a glowing skin. The steps are:

  • At first, you should take a medium size bowl and add vitamin C powder along with filtered water. Then with the help of whisker, you should blend the two ingredients, and you should make sure that there isn’t any kind of lump in the mixture. A good mix for a couple of minutes would do fine.

  • Then add aloe Vera gel in the mixture and then again blend the whole mixture so that the gel is evenly distributed.
  • Then add frankincense and vitamin E oil in the mixture and with the help of blender you should continue to mix them until they are thoroughly mixed in the bowl.
  • Then transfer the serum into a small tawny bottle, and you should move it with the help of funnel so that there isn’t any kind of wastage. Experts recommend to dark color or amber bottles which will curb down the light exposure.
  • You should use this homemade vitamin C serum at night before going to sleep, and you should remove this before going out of the house in the morning. If you go out without washing the serum, then it causes the little amount of sensitivity when it comes into direct contact with sun rays.
  • Make sure to cover the bottle properly, and you should daily use this skin care product.

After making the homemade Vitamin C serum, you should check whether the serum has a pH of 3. You can test the pH using a pH testing strip, and if you find there is fluctuation which happens after someday, you should stop using that batch because it can harm the health of the skin.

The Way Vitamin C Works On Our Body

Vitamin C serves as a crucial part of the human skin, and it is a natural antioxidant that is present in our skin. One should consume a good amount of vitamin C rich foods daily like broccoli, leafy greens, raspberries, strawberries, papaya, etc.

A healthy lifestyle is almost to maintain the vitamin C level in the body. Likewise, you also have to opt for vitamin C serums that will get absorbed into the skin to rejuvenate the health of the skin. Absorption of vitamin C by the skin is quite limited, so daily skincare with vitamin C serum is crucial. While applying vitamin C serum on the skin, you should use moisturizer because it will act as a protective layer and checks the serum from reacting with outside weather.

Perks Of Using Vitamin C Serum

  • Vitamin C has antioxidant properties which prevent the aging of the skin and also curbs down the wrinkles in the skin. The ascorbic acid in the serum allows the skin to glow and maintain the health. It improves the skin by a large margin by making it brighter and smooth.

  • Hyperpigmentation is a common problem seen on the skin, and it causes dark spots on the face. These dark spots denote storage of excess of melanin on particular places on the skin. However, ant oxidation property of vitamin C prevents this hyperpigmentation and brightens up the dark spots.

Vitamin C serum is an essential supplier of collagen in the skin, and it meets the demand when they are little production of collagen due skin issue or age. It collaborates with certain enzymes, and it also heals wounds.

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