Humorous Anniversary Gifts for Special Couples


Delightful Anniversary Gifts that Couples Won’t Repent to Receive

If you think that giving conventional wedding anniversary gifts has become a boring affair year after year, why not add some spice to the custom of gifting the next time.

When you fall short of ideas to pair the ultimate gift with the flowers ordered through an online flower delivery in gurgaon, herein is a list of most adorable anniversary gifts a couple would love to receive.

Laser Etched Wine Glass Set

If you are invited to a cocktail party for anniversary celebrations, it is easy to guess, your guests are well acquainted with the wine culture. If the theme is cocktail, the wine glass set with a personalized message helps you skip pouring out the heart on the greetings card.

Customized Cushion Set

While it has become very popular giving two cushions is common, you can get a bit quirky in choosing a set of three with a fun tone for a couple on the first anniversary.

Personalized Chopping Board for Your Wife Who Loves Cooking   

Are you planning to give anniversary roses to your beloved wife at midnight? While it is not a custom to give flowers right at midnight, all thanks to the online portals offering such facilities without any hassles.

When you are not in a mood of showering blossoms solely, it is best suited to pair it with your gifts right away. If you are a humorous person, inscribe a funny message on a new wooden chopping board and give it to your spouse who would always smile looking at it.

Customized Funny Coasters

When you are all there to wish a happy anniversary to a couple so close to your heart, engrave some funny quotes or messages on an item you want to bestow to the couple. An object like coasters may look too ordinary to give to someone but they are of great use in everyday life. If there is a comical message on it, they are surely going to appreciate the choice. It is worth writing different messages on all six of them.

Couple Matching T-Shirts

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It is always a nice gesture to give something both of the spouses enjoy using. When the couple you are about to send anniversary flowers, is a close relative such as a cousin or sibling, it has to be paired with a nice memorable present.

Why not give them something that appeals to both of them while retaining the amusement quotient intact? A couple T-shirts with funny words will accord smiles on their faces at least for a while.

Delicious Gourmet Hamper for a Foodie Couple

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While people stuff fresh fruits, wine, and sweets in a gourmet gift hamper, you can replace it with cupcakes, cashew cookies, roasted coffee, and chocolates. This will satisfy their taste buds for over a month. Make sure, you have added some fun elements to the hamper at least with a small note.

Matching Jewellery

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When it is a grand anniversary celebration at home, it is not enough to just wish the couple with a bunch of refreshing blossoms that are quite easy to get via flowers to India online delivery services. You need much more than that when it is the golden jubilee anniversary of your parents.

If you are high on budget, it is worth it to buy a couple jewellery set such as a pair of finger rings, mob chain pair, etc. You can also go for platinum love bands that also come with a monogramming option.

DIY Funny Anniversary Wishes Card

At times, your wishes are worth more than the expensive items piled up on the table at the anniversary party. If you are an artist, leverage it to draw some funny figurines on a blank card with the best matching quotes. Choose a message that best appeals to the couple in every aspect. This is going to be a matter of great amusement for everyone when anyone reads the card aloud at the party.

When you are really in a hurry or even stuck badly in daily schedules, there may not be enough time in hand to rush to a local store to buy a gift. Thankfully, the local florist in Bangalore Whitefield is easy to find online. Place an order with them and you are at complete peace of mind.