Guide to Creating the Ultimate Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie2

Why I created this guide…

Many times, when people first transition to a healthier lifestyle, they have no clue on how to get started, especially when it comes to juicing and smoothies.  See my guide on how to Create the Ultimate Green Juice for juicing how-to’s.  For instance, when trying to make a green smoothie, a newbie may start adding things to the blender and hoping for results (like I did when I first started years ago).  Not only does this get expensive, but it may not yield results as quickly as you’d like.

Once I figured it out…

Once I finally figured out how to mix certain fruits, veggies, and herbs together to maximize results, I began to see massive results in my health.  And, as though that wasn’t enough, I also began to spend less money on juicing because I was able to organize exactly what produce I needed for each green smoothie I would be making each week.  Talk about a win/win!

I really hope this guide is of benefit to you and will help to make your health journey a little bit easier.

Green Smoothie

Tip: The guide below is a photo and can be saved to your smartphone, tablet, or computer for easy reference.