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Anxious about an upcoming examination, a date, or a celebration the place you gained’t know anybody? Be part of us to study an amazing technique to assist CLEAR your head earlier than you go.


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Shira Gura is an emotional well-being coach. Her background as an occupational therapist, yoga teacher, and mindfulness trainer led her to create two highly effective self-help instruments:  The unSTUCK Technique® and The CLEAR Manner®. She is the creator two books: Getting unSTUCK: 5 Easy Steps to Emotional Nicely-Being (which was awarded winner of the 2017 Worldwide E book Award in self-help), and most lately The CLEAR Manner: 5 Easy Steps to Be Mentally Ready for Something. By way of her teaching, programs, and group, she guides folks to stay extra intentionally. She lives in Israel along with her husband and 4 youngsters. 

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Gabe Howard is an award-winning author and speaker who lives with bipolar dysfunction. He’s the creator of the favored e-book, Psychological Sickness is an Asshole and different Observations, out there from Amazon; signed copies are additionally out there instantly from the creator. To study extra about Gabe, please go to his web site,

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Announcer: You’re listening to the Psych Central Podcast, the place visitor consultants within the discipline of psychology and psychological well being share thought-provoking info utilizing plain, on a regular basis language. Right here’s your host, Gabe Howard.

Gabe Howard: Hi there, everybody, and welcome to this week’s episode of The Psych Central Podcast, I’m your host Gabe Howard and calling into the present in the present day, we now have Shira Gura. Shira’s background is as an occupational therapist, yoga teacher and mindfulness trainer. And it led her to write down the e-book The CLEAR Manner: 5 Easy Steps to Be Mentally Ready for Something. She’s additionally the host of the Residing Intentionally Collectively podcast. She makes her dwelling in Israel along with her husband and 4 youngsters, Shira, welcome to the present.

Shira Gura: Thanks a lot. It’s so nice to be again. 

Gabe Howard: Nicely, I’m very glad to have you ever again once more now, given all that is occurring on this planet with COVID-19 being mentally ready for something appears extra vital now than maybe at every other level, not less than in my lifetime. How does your e-book slot in with every little thing that’s taking place on this planet?

Shira Gura: Yeah, I really assume clearly after I was writing the e-book beginning final 12 months, that is earlier than COVID hit and I had no concept that the publication of the e-book was going to return out on the similar time throughout the hit of this pandemic. And it’s a fantastic device for the time interval that we’re in proper now, as a result of as we’ll get into within the podcast, it’s a device that helps put together you earlier than you go into any future second. It actually helps floor you and helps you be prepared. 

Gabe Howard: It feels like an amazing, joyful accident, and I’m one in all these people who I attempt to avoid the extremes, you understand, black and white pondering has gotten me personally in hassle. It’s fascinating to me, as a result of if I might have learn the title of your e-book a 12 months in the past, 5 Easy Steps to Be Mentally Ready for Something, I might’ve been like something? Actually, something? However as we did the pre work for the present, I used to be like, look, if it really works in a world pandemic, we is perhaps as far alongside the trail to something as we are able to probably get. So I’m so glad that you simply wrote the e-book. 

Shira Gura: I’m, too.

Gabe Howard: All proper, as we talked about on the high of the present, you’re a returning visitor, so I wish to spend simply a few moments in your earlier e-book and your earlier episode the place we talked about getting unSTUCK: 5 Easy Steps to Emotional Nicely-Being. Simply actual fast, type of baseline it for very long time listeners to the present which have heard each episodes. What’s the distinction between the unSTUCK technique and the CLEAR Manner technique?

Shira Gura: Each instruments are actually used for emotional well-being, however the unSTUCK technique you’ll actually use for one thing that occurred previously and the previous could possibly be a minute in the past and it could possibly be 10 years in the past. I received caught on anger. I received caught on frustration or I used to be caught on guilt, are issues that already occurred. And I’m caught on them as a result of I’ve an emotion hooked up to a narrative that already occurred. I take advantage of the unSTUCK technique with the intention to get myself out of the outlet, out of that caught spot. However the CLEAR manner is a device that you simply use for the long run. In case you are going right into a presentation, in case you are anticipating a troublesome dialog with somebody, in case you are about to go to work, in the event you’re about to work with a consumer even and also you wish to simply get clear for your self earlier than you begin work, that is the place the CLEAR manner can be used. They’re each highly effective self-help instruments which are step-by-step as a result of they’re each primarily based on acronyms, however they’re actually used for 2 totally different functions.

Gabe Howard: Are you able to give us some examples of the place you’ll wish to get clear in your life?

Shira Gura: In case you can take into consideration any scenario the place you could have a sense of fear or concern or anxiousness or concern going into that second, this could be the device that you’d use. For instance, I received clear earlier than we began this interview.

Gabe Howard: Good.

Shira Gura: I received clear. Yeah. And it’s not that I used to be having a lot anxiousness. I do interviews quite a bit. However once more, it’s a future second that I’m undecided what to anticipate. I don’t know what’s going to occur. I don’t know if the Web goes to work. I don’t know if I’m going to detect my phrases. So I must get clear. 

Gabe Howard: Thanks a lot. And while you pitched being on the present, you mentioned, hey, would Gabe be keen to be a guinea pig and provides his personal drawback and be walked via the CLEAR manner? And I believed, hey, why not

Shira Gura: We did it on the primary episode, and it labored effectively with getting unSTUCK.

Gabe Howard: We did, and it was plenty of enjoyable and I realized some stuff about myself, and I actually assume that the listeners understood the instance, so we’re going to attempt it once more. So are you able to stroll me via the CLEAR manner?

Shira Gura: I might love to do this, the very first thing that we have to know is what do you’ll want to get clear about? So you’ll be able to consider something. However we have to pinpoint one instance in your life the place you could have emotions of anticipation, of fear, of concern, of concern going right into a future second.

Gabe Howard: I feel that’s excellent. I’ve my first stay speech since March developing in per week. Clearly, I’ve finished digital stuff and continued internet hosting the podcast, however Gabe Howard in a room with an precise viewers whom might throw tomatoes at me, first time in lots of, many months in per week.

Shira Gura: That’s incredible, that’s an amazing instance. Let’s do this. OK.

Gabe Howard: Glorious. All proper, what’s the 1st step?

Shira Gura: So that is an acronym, 5 steps, C L E A R, so step one is C is for calm. It very a lot pertains to the unSTUCK technique with step one, S, was cease. It’s principally the identical factor. It is a step the place you’re taking a second to redirect your consideration away from the story, away from the long run, away from all the feelings that you simply’re feeling. And we’re going to convey it to the current second so to enable your thoughts to relaxation for a second. So we’re going to ultimately cope with the feelings and type of go to rational pondering. In an effort to do this, we actually must get ourselves in a spot of calm. And this doesn’t should be lengthy. It doesn’t should be a 30-minute meditation. It could possibly be only one deep breath or just a few deep breaths, however one thing even symbolic to say, OK, I’m getting clear. I’m going to start out. And the very first thing that I’m going to do is get calm. 

Gabe Howard: Yeah, I’m going to take an actual large, deep breath. I don’t know if it would come via on the podcast, however I wish to guarantee the listeners that that I’m doing it.

Shira Gura: Okay, and when you’re doing it, if you would like, you’ll be able to shut your eyes and you’ll think about your self within the place the place you’re going to provide the speech, you’re about, let’s say, to stroll up the steps to the stage and also you’re going to provide your speech. And in that second, you say, I’m getting clear. I’m going to first, I’m going to get calm.

Gabe Howard: All proper.

Shira Gura: All proper, the subsequent step is L and that’s for Lighten. When you’re going right into a future second, when you could have all of those feelings, you in all probability have feelings which are feeling heavy, proper? Feelings of concern and fear and anticipation. These are heavy emotions and so they have an effect on us physiologically. So the subsequent step L for Lighten is we uncover what are the ideas that we now have in regards to the scenario as we’re going into it? After which we see if we are able to lighten our ideas by barely altering our language. We’ll do that collectively. See in the event you can uncover a thought that you’ve that claims one thing like, I do know one thing goes to occur, some type of unfavorable factor goes to occur.

Gabe Howard: I do know that I’m going to be off form, I do know that I’m going to stumble over phrases. I do know that the supply will not be going to be as pristine. I imply, it’s been months. There’s simply no manner that it could possibly be.

Shira Gura: Yeah, nice. Excellent, and that’s so vital so that you can uncover what these ideas are, as a result of they’re there. They’re there in your thoughts

Gabe Howard: Yeah, they’re.

Shira Gura: And oftentimes we don’t even know or simply it’s unconscious. So we’re uncovering them. Now, you’re saying I do know I’m going to be off form. I do know I’m going to stumble. I do know my supply isn’t going to be excellent. And the query is, do we actually know that? Do we all know what’s going to occur sooner or later? The reality is, we don’t know. We don’t know what’s going to occur. Proper? And so we alter our language to it’d occur. It’s a risk which may occur. However we take away just like the I do know, which is a extremely heavy thought. And it actually type of creates that actuality, like I do know it’s going to occur. In order that’s what’s going to occur versus I’ve a sense which may occur. However you’ll be able to even hear in my voice, it lightens. It lightens your thought and it impacts you once more physiologically. Are you able to attempt one or two of these altering the language?

Gabe Howard: I’m fairly pessimistic by nature, however I can say that you simply’re proper, saying I do know is boastful, proper? I can’t see the long run, so I can definitely see for Gabe Howard altering it from I do know that is going to occur to I feel that it’d occur and even I’m involved that it might occur, which I can hear the distinction. I’m apprehensive that one thing will occur. Is a far cry from I do know it’s going to occur. I fear about plenty of issues that don’t come true.

Shira Gura: Sure.

Gabe Howard: So that you’re proper. It does really feel considerably lighter.

Shira Gura: However the language that we use in our lives is so vital for our emotional and psychological well being. I feel it’s one thing that folks simply don’t even take into consideration. However it’s actually vital how we use our language. Let’s go to the subsequent step, which is E and that is for Count on. And so right here we’re going to uncover what are your expectations, what are your hopes, what do you want for? What do you wish to occur?

Gabe Howard: I need, like a standing ovation and fireworks and other people cheering. Moderately, I desire a good speech, a great presentation, an engaged viewers, I need folks to chuckle at my jokes and, you understand, nod on the severe elements. I need engagement, however I need the viewers to behave how I count on the viewers to behave.

Shira Gura: Superior. These are fantastic uncovering of your expectations and it’s so vital to uncover your expectations as a result of that is sometimes what will get us caught when our expectations aren’t met. You desire a standing ovation, you need fireworks, you need cheering. You desire a actually nice speech. You need engagement. That feels like a very powerful factor is you need the engagement. You need the nods and the laughter and the

Gabe Howard: Sure.

Shira Gura: Okay, superior. Proper now we’re going to go to the subsequent step. You prepared? This one’s type of difficult. OK. A is for Settle for. On this step, we’re going to radically settle for the alternative of what it’s that you really want in order that if the expectations that you simply really need aren’t met, you’re not going to get caught as a result of you’ll have accepted prematurely the chance that that was going to occur anyway. On this step we’re not wanting, proper? We’re not saying, we’re not wanting the alternative of what we wish to have, that’s not what we’re doing. We’re simply accepting the chance that the alternative of what we would like might occur as a result of it’d. And if it does, and that’s actuality, what are you going to do with it apart from settle for it in that second?

Gabe Howard: So simply to make clear just a little bit, you understand, in my case, I might settle for that the group would boo and rise up and go away, however I feel that that’s too far, too excessive. I don’t actually see any, I don’t, I don’t see any state of affairs the place that will realistically occur. Realistically, the worst-case state of affairs is that the viewers is bored. It’s in all probability vital for any individual doing this technique to not go so excessive. Like I’m going to just accept that the viewers throws tomatoes at me. That’s in all probability not a great use of the tactic. I’m going to just accept that the viewers is bored. Would that be higher? Is like reigning that in sensible?

Shira Gura: Sure, superb, so I hope that I’m going to have superb engagement, proper, and I can radically settle for that I won’t have superb engagement. Proper?

Gabe Howard: I’m accepting that there ho-hum. They’re going to be well mannered. I’m not giving a speech to a hostile crowd, irrespective of how dangerous I’m, they’ll give the cursory applause on the finish. And yeah, I’ve by no means had tomatoes thrown at me and I’ve by no means been booed. However I’ve definitely appeared out on the viewers and seen lots of people checking their telephones and watches and that has occurred earlier than. In that case, that’s absolutely the worst-case state of affairs and it doesn’t occur fairly often, nevertheless it feels crummy when it does.

Shira Gura: The query is, are you able to settle for that now? Are you able to settle for that that’s a risk which may occur?

Gabe Howard: I can, I can,

Shira Gura: Okay, nice.

Gabe Howard: Sure, I can settle for that, that they’ll assume that I’m ho hum. And they’ll politely golf clap as I go away the stage.

Shira Gura: Good, so I can settle for the chance, proper?

Gabe Howard: Sure. I can settle for the chance that they might be bored.

Shira Gura: Yeah, it’s only a risk, proper, once more, not what we wished

Gabe Howard: Sure.

Shira Gura: It, nevertheless it’s a risk,

Gabe Howard: Sure.

Shira Gura: You possibly can’t transfer ahead in the event you’re being held again behind. So it’s actually vital you can be capable of simply settle for it as a risk, which you probably did. Nice 

Gabe Howard: We’ll be proper again after we hear from our sponsors.

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Gabe Howard:  We’re again talking with Shira Gura, the creator of The CLEAR Manner: 5 Easy Steps to Be Mentally Ready for Something.

Shira Gura: Final step, R. That is for duty. That is the place you’re taking duty on your manner of being, not your manner of doing and never your manner of getting, however your manner of being. Who’s it that you simply wish to decide to being in an adjective kind? In order that it doesn’t matter what occurs, there’s not engagement, they don’t chuckle at your jokes, you stumble, it doesn’t matter what occurs, you continue to keep grounded and dedicated to your manner or methods of being. That is the place you’re taking duty for your self and also you launch duty of something exterior of you that you simply don’t actually have management over. There’s infinite ways in which we might be perhaps one or three phrases. What sort of speaker do you wish to decide to being?

Gabe Howard: I wish to decide to being a assured, skilled, unflappable speaker. I actually really feel that the very best audio system are ones that don’t assault their viewers or their purchasers or. The most effective audio system additionally perceive that permit’s say that there’s 100 folks within the viewers and it solely takes about 40 or 50 % of an viewers to make the viewers look like they’re uninterested. It’s definitely attainable that you simply received via to 20, 30, 40, 50 % of the viewers. I like what you mentioned about taking duty as a result of so usually I see audio system get offended at their viewers. And I feel that’s, that’s not the way in which this works. They don’t owe you something. You’re there for them. They’re not there for you. So I just like the take duty. I like that. I wish to be knowledgeable, unflappable speaker.

Shira Gura: Good. Superior. Now, wait a sec.

Gabe Howard: Who tasks confidence.

Shira Gura: Superior, superior. I need you to know what you simply mentioned once more. I actually consider language is among the keys to psychological well being. I wish to be knowledgeable, assured, unflappable speaker. That’s the very last thing you simply mentioned. Proper? I need

Gabe Howard: Sure.

Shira Gura: To be and hearken to how totally different it’s from I wish to be that type of speaker to I’m dedicated to being that type of speaker. You hear the distinction?

Gabe Howard: I do, I do. I wish to be a great husband versus I’m dedicated to being a great husband. Like, who do you wish to be or who do you wish to marry? Any individual who needs to do it or any individual who’s dedicated to doing it?

Shira Gura: Precisely.

Gabe Howard: I consider my very own relationships and yeah. Yeah, I don’t need any individual that desires to be in a cheerful marriage. I wish to be with any individual who’s dedicated to being in a cheerful marriage.

Shira Gura: Precisely.

Gabe Howard: I feel all of us perceive that in relationships. We’re spreading that out. Proper to every little thing else. I do know I’m asking plenty of like questions in between, however yeah, I, you’re proper. If my spouse got here to me and mentioned I wish to be joyful in our marriage, I feel, oh, that doesn’t sound good. But when she mentioned I’m dedicated to being joyful in our marriage, I’d be like, all proper, all proper, let’s do that. Arm in arm. Let’s go. Good. I prefer it.

Shira Gura: It’s a distinct story, proper?

Gabe Howard: It’s, it’s.

Shira Gura: And it’s like one phrase, it’s one phrase, nevertheless it adjustments the world, it actually adjustments the world. So your methods of being are like an anchor to a ship. OK, that’s how you’re grounding your self. They’re in your methods of being. That’s who you’re. So it doesn’t matter what comes your manner, in the event you’re on a ship and there’s going to be waves and there are going to be waves, proper. Issues are going to occur. It’s not going to be a easy run in your marriage or within the discuss or on this interview or no matter. Nothing is ever 100 % easy. So it doesn’t matter what occurs, your methods of being are your anchor. And so it’s precisely what you’re saying. It’s like I’m dedicated to doing this. It’s not that I wish to be these methods, as a result of if I simply wish to be these methods, the anchor goes to get unleashed. You already know, you’re going to drift away. However in case you are dedicated to being these methods, that anchor goes to remain within the floor. So it’s excellent, it’s precisely what you mentioned. And in order that’s the final step. And naturally, if you wish to go extra into this work in that final step, what you may do is you may visualize your future self. So what does a assured speaker seem like? What does a assured speaker say or act or how does he behave? The subsequent degree can be creating your future self forward of time, seeing your self forward of time, being that individual after which manifesting it.

Gabe Howard: I prefer it and I can see the way it matches collectively now. Now, simply to recap, CLEAR stands for?

Shira Gura: Calm, Lighten, Count on, Settle for, Accountability.

Gabe Howard: And once more, it’s for stuff that’s developing sooner or later, so that is what I’d use for my first day of labor or my marriage ceremony day and even one thing so simple as my dad and mom coming to go to or my partner coming dwelling from work. It’s broad enchantment.

Shira Gura: It could possibly be something. I labored with my child final night time, he began a brand new college and he’s 12. The children in his college have been collectively because the age of three. And he’s the brand new child on the block. And he tends to be shy and he needs to make pals. And nobody is de facto approaching him. And he wished to method children to ask them in the event that they wish to play baseball, as a result of right here in Israel, no one performs baseball. They don’t even know what baseball is. However my children have baseball mitts and so they have a baseball. And he wished to say, does anybody wish to have a catch with me, however he was caught. Proper? He was caught on concern of rejection. And so I sat with him final night time earlier than he went to sleep. I mentioned, let’s get clear. Let’s get clear on who you’re going to be it doesn’t matter what occurs, irrespective of in the event that they reject you and so they say no or they are saying, yeah, let’s have I’d be joyful to have a catch with you. 

Gabe Howard: I like that instance quite a bit, so how can our listeners study these instruments, are they troublesome to study? My query is, is it troublesome to study? My listeners’ query is, is how can they study?

Shira Gura: Yeah, the instruments are usually not troublesome. They’re easy, proper? That’s one of many causes I created these instruments. I created them really for myself. After which I in fact, I educate them to different folks, however they’re easy to study. And it’s not a lot are they straightforward to study or troublesome to study. It’s extra of how can I get observe in utilizing them? It’s one factor to amass a device. It’s one other factor totally to say I practiced in it. I understand how to get unSTUCK from something. I understand how to get CLEAR from something. And that doesn’t occur in a single day. That occurs over time in group with folks, working with folks. That’s actually how this occurs. So by way of the place you’ll be able to find out about it, I’ve two books.

Gabe Howard: Yeah, the place do they discover them?

Shira Gura: Yow will discover them on Amazon and you’ll find them on my web site, However what you too can discover on my Website online is a course known as The Residing Intentionally Blueprint. And within this course are movies of me strolling folks via each instruments step-by-step. There are worksheets. There are guided meditations. And along with a number of different goodies which are within that course, anybody who enrolls is invited into my non-public Fb group and free month-to-month gatherings. So it’s a group, after which it’s, once more, the observe.

Gabe Howard: Shira, thanks a lot for every little thing. Thanks for serving to me with my speech. Subsequent week, I’ll drop you an electronic mail and let you understand how it goes.

Shira Gura: I might love to listen to and I might encourage you to get clear minutes earlier than or half an hour earlier than no matter. It’s not sufficient that we did it right here. I might encourage you to do it once more, like actually have it recent in your thoughts and actually see your self on that stage earlier than you go up there. And good luck with it.

Gabe Howard: You already know, I actually like that, and I like that it additionally turns into one thing to occupy your thoughts. As any individual who suffers from anxiousness, my thoughts usually extremely focuses on the worst-case state of affairs. It feels like by going via the CLEAR technique, I can maintain my thoughts occupied on that. Now, once more, in the event you don’t have anxiousness or, you understand, your mileage might range, however for me, it provides me one thing proactive to do to focus on. Do you discover that in your work? Is that correct or am I simply making stuff up?

Shira Gura: No, completely, completely. In reality, I’m main a problem proper now within my non-public Fb group and each individual within the problem is training to being one factor. That is broad vary. So one individual is training to be a non-overeater, one individual is training to be a nondrinker and one individual is training to be pleasant. I imply, it’s actually broad. And what I like to recommend them to do is each single day get up and affirm out loud who’re you being? As a result of if we’re training to be any individual that we’re not sometimes being, then we’re going to neglect. We’re simply going to be our default selves. As you get up daily, and also you mentioned, I’m committing to being a loving spouse. I’m committing to being a nondrinker. You actually set the stage for the day by affirming who you’re being each single day while you get up. It units you up for the day. And such as you mentioned, it provides the thoughts one thing to relaxation on in a constructive manner in order that your thoughts doesn’t slip again into that default place of negativity, which occurs for everybody, as a result of that’s simply how the human thoughts works.

Gabe Howard: Something that forestalls folks from slipping into negativity, I feel is its personal success. When you begin to assume poorly about one thing, you create a self-fulfilling prophecy. A minimum of that’s been my expertise. And definitely, with the ability to distract your thoughts with one thing proactive and constructive, I’ve to think about, creates a robust finish consequence.

Shira Gura: It completely does, and I’m doing the problem, by the way in which, I’m collaborating and I’m committing to being a loving spouse. It’s not that I’m like a imply spouse or one thing like that, however I’m in all probability not like essentially the most loving spouse I could possibly be. And I mentioned, you understand what? That is what I’m going to work on for 30 days. And I’m continuously discovering myself saying this all through the day. You might be committing to being a loving spouse, proper? As a result of typically it’s not straightforward. And I simply maintain saying to myself, within the morning I say it, when my husband comes dwelling from work, I say it, and I simply and it’s nice. It’s so useful to have these phrases in my thoughts as a reminder, who’s it that I wish to be?

Gabe Howard: Shira, thanks a lot for being right here. We actually recognize having you.

Shira Gura: Thanks a lot for the interview. It was actually nice to see you once more.

Gabe Howard: You’re very, very welcome. Hey, everyone, my identify is Gabe Howard and I’m the creator of Psychological Sickness Is an Asshole, which is obtainable on Amazon, or you may get a signed copy with all types of cool swag, together with stickers from The Psych Central Podcast for much less cash simply by heading over to Let me let you know about our super-secret Fb web page you need to completely take a look at, simply go to And bear in mind, you may get one week of free, handy, inexpensive, non-public on-line counseling any time anyplace just by visiting We are going to see everyone subsequent week.

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