How to Fill Nail Holes – Easy and Frugal Tip!

How To Fill Nail Holes

For small nail holes, such as those you would use with trim, just take your matching crayon, and with firm pressure, rub the over the nail hole, just like you’re coloring.  This will fill the nail hole.

If you get a little crayon on the trim outside of the hole, that’s okay.  Just take a dry rag and wipe over the area.  The crayon will come right off.

Frugally Fill Nail Holes 4


For larger nail holes, you can use a similar method as above, but the crayon will stick in the hole better if it’s just a little bit more soft and malleable.  So take a lighter and warm the crayon, just a little bit.  Be careful here.  You want it just a little softer, but not dripping all over the place.  You certainly don’t want hot wax dripping all over your hand. Then rub the soft crayon over the hole.  Wait until the crayon in the hole sets. Then you can rub off any excess with a dry rag.