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I wrote this letter to my dad, as a result of he’s a Trump supporter.

I’m sharing it publicly as a result of I do know lots of you might be in an identical boat, and it’s my hope that this letter provides you perception, inspiration, readability, or braveness to talk out with the members of your personal household to have these uncomfortable-but-important conversations. (With the 2020 election developing, that is extra necessary now than ever.) On the very least, maybe it would give you consolation, or make you’re feeling much less alone. 

Please be at liberty to share this with anybody you assume may get one thing out of it, and let me know what it introduced up for you.

Expensive Dad,

Right here’s the deal: I do know you to be a sensible and type individual.

I do know you to be emotionally clever, capable of assume critically, and somebody who marches to the beat of your personal drum. I bear in mind you telling me that I might develop as much as be something I wished, and that anybody who thought much less of me simply because I used to be a lady was an fool. You marched for MLK. You fought for our nation. You modeled and inspired humility and tenderness, trusting my intestine, and being ferocious in my very own advocacy. You apologized if you tousled, and also you made it clear that generally your love for me was extra necessary than being proper.

In contrast to most dad and mom, you truly listened to and validated my emotions, and made me really feel revered as an individual, whilst a baby. You made me look folks within the eye and apologize once I prompted hurt, however you additionally stood by me once I confronted a instructor about one thing she thought I did fallacious, which I disagreed with.

I all the time knew you had been unequivocally on my aspect, but additionally that you just weren’t going to tolerate any bullshit. You had been a superb dad or mum. Which makes this letter very troublesome to jot down.

However you taught me each private accountability and the significance of not shying away when the correct factor to do is horrifying. You additionally taught me to strive by no means to battle… however that if I used to be going to battle, to win.

So now let’s discuss Trump.

You and I’ve all the time disagreed politically, and your help of Trump has all the time been complicated and appalling to me. However seeing your help of him now, after his 4 years of presidency and the primary presidential debate, not solely goes in opposition to every little thing that I consider in and stand for, but additionally what you have all the time claimed to consider in and stand for too.

I can’t stand idly by anymore.

This letter isn’t going to be about politics or particular points, partially as a result of our opposing worldviews make that too troublesome, and partially as a result of —for higher or worse— the actually egregious factor to me about you supporting Trump at this level isn’t his politics or insurance policies.

The actually egregious factor is the truth that Trump is poisonous, manipulative, and abusive— out within the open, and with out apology. I merely can’t reconcile the truth that you help him with the truth that you’re keen on me: an individual who has suffered abuses by the hands of males like Trump, and the boys who comply with and really feel empowered by every little thing Trump stands for.

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This president was caught on a sizzling mic speaking about how he abuses his place of energy over ladies to simply take what he needs with no regard for his or her needs or humanity. He simply begins kissing them, he can’t assist it. While you’re a star they’ll allow you to do something. You possibly can seize them by the pussy.

Do you know that I’ve actually been “grabbed by the pussy” a number of instances? All by males who both felt entitled to my physique, or had been just too targeted on themselves to note I’m an entire human individual deserving of boundaries and respect.

One was on the health club I labored at, a person walked by whereas I used to be establishing weights, and swiped his hand by way of my crotch. He was a coach at that health club, and once I rotated to confront him he simply laughed at me prefer it had been a hilarious joke, and once I complained to the supervisor I used to be advised that sure, loads of ladies “had an issue with that man,” however they couldn’t actually do something about it.

One other time it was a person on a crowded subway. I used to be standing, he was sitting. It occurred just a few instances earlier than I found out it wasn’t an accident. My pores and skin crawled once I noticed him, however I didn’t say something. He bought off on the subsequent cease.

A 3rd time a buddy of mine grabbed me by the pussy whereas we had been taking part in pool at a bar. He claimed it was okay as a result of we had been associates, and that he had simply been joking anyway. (Saying you had been solely joking to excuse outrageous or offensive actions is a basic tactic of abuse and gaslighting which Trump makes use of quite a bit by the way in which.) Once I bought upset my buddy apologized, and mentioned it had solely occurred as a result of he was drunk and being silly. Months later once I’d stopped being his buddy, he tried another time to elucidate that he had “thought I used to be into it.”

Maybe Trump’s tape appeared like “locker room speak” to you, however males grabbing my pussy as a joke or as a result of they supposedly couldn’t assist themselves is an actual factor. Males doing no matter they need after which assuming anybody who “let it occur” was in all probability into it’s a actual factor.

That tape got here out earlier than he bought elected, and a whole bunch of hundreds of ladies like me, who’ve skilled males taking what they need with no regard for our humanity, knew it wasn’t only a joke.

He bought elected anyway. 
You voted for him anyway.
And his conduct has solely gotten worse from there.

I can’t assist however really feel that you just voted for the person on the health club, and the person on the subway, and my buddy on the bar; that you just voted to your daughter’s physique to be up for public grabbing. I can’t assist however really feel such as you voted for my humanity to be discarded as collateral for entitled males to have the ability to take no matter they need; to have the ability to take no matter is rightfully theirs.

That is the American dream, in any case, not less than in Trump’s world. That is what it means to make America nice once more— it means returning to the time when ladies (and other people of coloration) weren’t entire folks, and males weren’t legally obligated to respect their our bodies or their rights. It means reigniting a mindset of colonization, from again when wealthy whight males had been allowed (and inspired) to simply take no matter they need, and it will merely turn into theirs, by advantage of the truth that they took it.

That is what Trump and his presidency has stood for: the mindset that domination equals supremacy, and white male entitlement.

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Trump has all the time been inflammatory and absurd. His blatant narcissism was extra entertaining than horrifying maybe, again when he was only a actuality TV star, though his behavior of referring to himself within the third individual and as “The Donald” despatched my pores and skin crawling, and his sexist, racist, and body-shaming tweets made me sick to my abdomen.

However his conduct within the final 4 years has exemplified greater than I ever might have imagined the archetype of a person who was taught that it’s admirable to take advantage of, bully, pressure, take, and dominate with a purpose to get what you need. He’s the epitome of a person who’s so afraid of his personal weak point, mortality, and something resembling femininity that he has to do incomprehensible psychological gymnastics (and harm an incomprehensible variety of folks) simply to keep away from it.

Trump has completely demonstrated what an abuser seems like, and his actions (and tweets) learn like an ideal guidelines of narcissistic abuse (oo look, I discovered one right here!) from being condescending and superior, to belittling and blaming, to gaslighting, to launching fixed smear campaigns, to ever avoiding accountability or apologizing, to shifting loyalties to serve his personal wants, to him feeling that he’s above the principles (and legal guidelines).

These behaviors are a part of a sample: a predictable sample of dominance and abuse. I’m certain males like that. I certain do. I’ve been abused by males like that. My associates and purchasers have all been abused by males like that.

And personally, I don’t see this type of sample as separate from the dangerous behaviors of in any other case “good males” who really feel entitled, act superior, bully and criticize, dismiss and condescend, middle themselves in every little thing, and harass and disrespect folks “as a joke.”

On a regular basis acts of racism, sexism, harassment, and violation occur for a similar motive that some males beat their wives— as a result of an individual feels small, and so they’ve discovered that they’re not allowed to really feel small, in order that they go about feeling larger by belittling, controlling, or hurting different folks.

White cops kill unarmed Black people for a similar motive folks like Weinstein abuse their energy in each single trade— as a result of they really feel weak, and might’t tolerate their very own weak point. As a result of they really feel entitled to take action, and since doing so provides them a way of significance on the earth.

Males speak over ladies in conferences for a similar motive Trump tweets out insults about feminine politicians being ugly: to close them up and make them really feel small. To make himself really feel large.

To me, Trump is a shining beacon into the world that claims “you don’t should tolerate feeling powerless both… simply go dominate somebody smaller and weaker than you! Be like me, follow me, and also you’ll by no means really feel weak or small once more.”

I’ve been terrified, watching how his conduct has normalized this mindset in individuals who had been determined for a sense of energy, these feeling small who had been drawn to the promise of superiority and entitlement, and people in search of an excuse to justify and channel their rage and worry.

These are the boys who’ve prompted me essentially the most hurt over time. Males who had been afraid of their very own weak point, or had one thing to show. Males who felt emasculated or threatened by my very existence. Males who felt like they deserved to get no matter they wished, and wished retribution once I stood of their approach. These are those who assaulted me, harassed me, coerced me, and disrespected me essentially the most.

From sexual abuse as a baby to the abusive relationship at eighteen, I’ve skilled so many encounters of domination, large or small, tried or achieved. Being talked over. Being insulted and mocked. Being dismissed and laughed at. Being harassed and advised to close up. Being groped and pressured. Being lashed out at. The sense of myself as prey; that I wasn’t an entire human individual to them; that I used to be simply there to assist them show they might dominate.

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Tons of of those moments. Hundreds. It’s exhausting to reside in a world like that.

One factor I do know for certain at this level is that it’s not a scary masked man within the alley with a gun that we needs to be afraid of. It’s the charming and entitled man with sufficient cash and neighborhood energy to fancy himself above the principles, who doesn’t think about different folks’s emotions or humanity to be of any significance, and who’s desperately attempting to keep away from feeling small or weak.

What I noticed throughout that first presidential debate just a few weeks in the past was somebody utilizing each single nasty, abusive, exploitative, and manipulative tactic potential to dominate his opponent and sign to American that He Is A Man.

Trump interrupted always, disrespected the moderator and Biden at each flip, shot verbal abuse between makes an attempt at intimidation and humiliation, lied his absolute ass off, and acted like a petulant little one. And but one way or the other, it appears he nonetheless got here off as daring and charming to many individuals. (Are you able to simply think about if Obama ever acted this manner?? There may be NO WAY.)

To me, this type of individual is essentially the most terrifying and vile; essentially the most clearly unfit to guide; essentially the most harmful as a result of he has folks fooled. Within the act of beating his spouse, the neighborhood is gathered round, speaking about what a superb husband he’s.

How does his conduct not increase a crimson flag for you? How will you help somebody who overtly promotes racism and sexism, blantest self-interest, and full disregard for different folks?

Has he so charmed you into pondering that his self-interest can also be your self-interest? (As a result of in that case, it’s not.)

Are you distracted by the weird leisure of all of it?

Or is that this about one thing deeper— maybe even that his boorish conduct speaks to some a part of you, a component which additionally feels small or weak?

If that’s the case, let me please mirror that I noticed extra fact, energy, and masculinity in you rising up than this man will ever be able to. And also you’re higher than this.

I’m terrified for the little ladies who’re rising up proper now, seeing this man be president. They’re studying that having energy means you’re above kindness and respect; that an actual chief exploits and dominates to get their approach, and that anybody weak sufficient to be exploited and dominated deserves it.

These ladies will develop as much as be in relationships with males like that, as a result of it’s so normalized now it gained’t even increase a crimson flag.

And so right here, then, lastly, is what I’m attempting to reconcile: how will you help a person who completely embodies each abuse and abuser your daughter has ever encountered, and each second of disrespect she has ever endured?

  • Trump is each man who has talked right down to me, each man who advised me I wanted to loosen up and take a joke, each man who dismissed and disrespected me. 

  • Trump is each man who has ever violated my boundaries, discriminated in opposition to me as a result of I’m a girl, or shouted harassment at me from the road. 

  • Trump is each man who has ever wished one thing from me, and determined that my humanity didn’t matter, as a result of he had a proper to simply take it.

He’s an abuser, and he normalizes and encourages the abuser inside different males, perpetuating the concept that a Actual Man by no means reveals weak point or vulnerability, and stirring up aggression, entitlement, and a disregard for the humanity of different folks.

He’s an abuser, and as such his job is to knock us all off track and make us overlook who we’re. His job is to desensitize us to the violence in his clown present, to make it acceptable as he pushes the road additional and additional. That is what abusers do; his job is to sneak us so far-off from the true tender nature of ourselves, that he can get away with something. (Let’s not overlook how charming and charismatic Hitler was, too.)

At this level, I think about a vote for this man to be a vote for each abuse and injustice that has ever occurred to me. However I additionally think about it to be a vote for the worst a part of you— the wounded a part of you continue to in search of energy, not the dad who taught me that it’s okay to cry and be susceptible.

So I’m asking you, as your daughter, to rethink.
I’m asking you to battle for me, and to battle for the daddy and individual I knew you to be.

Don’t vote for him. 
We’re price extra.


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