Cucumber Diet – Lose 7 Kilograms In Just One Week

Cucumber is a vegetable that is very high in water and various essential nutrients. It also has great detoxifying properties. The cucumber is high in Vitamin B, C and E, zinc, calcium, fiber and magnesium. The regular consumption of cucumbers is able to clean your body of toxins, as well as clean the intestinal and digestive tract and accelerate your metabolism.

It is a very powerful diuretic because it reduces the excess water from your body. Very often the cucumber is an important part of the detox methods and it is also beneficial for consumption when a diet is based on canned and salty food.

People use this watery veggie for the treatment of skin problems such as acne and detoxing the skin. It is able to help you lose weight in very short time and very often is the essential part of weight loss diets.

If you have the desire to lose some weight effectively and in a short period of time, you need to try the diet that that we will present you today because it can help you lose up to 7 kilos in just one week.

Here is the diet:

For breakfast: you need to eat a bowl of cucumber salad and 2 hard-boiled eggs

For snack: An apple or peach and 5 plums

For lunch: Bowl of cucumber salad and a piece of toast

For snack: Cucumber shake

For dinner: 300 grams of any type of fruit you like

The preparation of the cucumber salad

-200 milliliters of yogurt or sour milk

-400 grams of cucumbers


-pinch of salt

You need to peel the cucumber and cut it into slices. Now, add the salt, the onion and sour milk and mix everything gently.

The preparation of the cucumber shake to consume it in between the meals:

-1 cucumber;

-1 apple;

-handful of spinach;

You need to put all of the ingredients in a blender and blend everything until you get homogenous mixture. Consume the shake fresh before it loses its amazing properties.

If you follow this diet strictly, you are going to lose up to 7 kilos in one week.

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