Chigger Bites: Symptoms, Causes + Natural Remedies

What are chiggers and what do they seem like? The reality is, you won’t see the chiggers — they measure simply 1/150th of an inch, making them practically invisible to the bare eye — however you’ll undoubtedly see their itchy, skin-irritating outcomes after you’ve spent a while exterior.

What Is a Chigger?

Also referred to as harvest mites, berry bugs, crimson bugs and harvest lice, these tiny crimson bugs are mites (Trombiculidae). When individuals ask, “What are chiggers?,” they’re often considering of bugs when, the truth is, these pests are associated to spiders. (1) They’ll go away their mark on you after a stroll via the forest, a sunny recreation of golf or a playdate along with your youngsters in a park.

The excellent news is that you simply don’t need to undergo needlessly because of pure cures that soothe chigger-related bites and hold the pesky bugs at bay.

What Are Chigger Bites?

While you get bitten by a chigger, it injects fluid into your pores and skin. (2) This fluid they inject incorporates varied enzymes that make the cells in your pores and skin break and rupture. This helps the chiggers to basically eat your pores and skin cells, and it’s the ensuing irritation from the digestive enzymes that result in widespread chigger chew signs.

Indicators & Signs

Figuring out Chigger Bites:

When the chiggers chew you, you gained’t really feel it. These bugs are so small that the chew itself is comparatively painless. Nevertheless, because the enzymes they inject into you start to unfold via your pores and skin, you’ll begin to see pores and skin irritation and particular signs together with: (3)

  • Hives
  • Small crimson bumps that may seem like pimples with a small white cap on the highest of every bump
  • Extreme itching

The signs often start to look inside a number of hours of being bitten. The rash often seems on very particular areas of your physique: Pores and skin that’s uncovered and open to the daylight, and often in your legs from the place your sneakers and socks are as much as the place your underwear touches your pores and skin.

How lengthy do chigger bites final?

All people responds in a different way to insect bites, however for most individuals, the rash begins to go away after two days.

What’s the distinction between chigger bites vs. mattress bug bites?

Chigger bites will disappear on their very own so long as you restrict or keep away from the outside after your preliminary bites. In distinction, mattress bugs proceed to chew you each day and the rash doesn’t go away by itself. Moreover, whereas chiggers go away little crimson welts solely on pores and skin that was uncovered open air, mattress bugs create raised bumps in zig-zag patterns over your whole physique.

Causes & Danger Elements

Your dangers of experiencing a chigger-related pores and skin rash and pores and skin itching goes up relying on a mix of things, comparable to timing and setting.

Folks stereotypically attribute chigger dangers to the summer season season, when in actuality the pests are energetic from the spring season all over to the autumn. (4)

And whereas any time frame spent open air can expose you to chiggers, these pests prefer to climb to the highest of branches and lengthy grass earlier than dropping down onto an unsuspecting sufferer’s legs or toes.

A number of particular areas of the panorama are particularly vulnerable to chigger infestations: (5)

  • The sides of forests and woodlands
  • Anyplace with tall patches of weeds or grass
  • Patches of blackberries, raspberries and different berry crops (wild or cultivated)

Do chiggers unfold in your physique?

After dropping down from a department of piece of grass, the chiggers will crawl throughout uncovered pores and skin in search of a very good place to quiet down, take a chew and start to feed. Thus, whereas individuals typically begin to discover their rash on their ankles or decrease legs, it may simply unfold because the chiggers discover new spots to chew.

Chigger bites remedies

Typical Therapy

How do you do away with chigger bites?

Your physician or well being skilled often diagnoses a chigger rash just by analyzing your pores and skin, because the rash has a quite simple, telltale look and is often localized to particular areas of your physique. Throughout the examination, your physician will possible ask you about latest out of doors exercise, comparable to picnics, out of doors sports activities or hikes. This often offers her or him all the knowledge he must be assured that it’s a chigger-related rash.

How lengthy does it take to recover from chigger bites?

Typical chigger chew therapy and chigger bugs therapy usually focuses on merely managing the itching, because the rash wears off by itself because the chiggers’ digestive enzymes stop to be energetic. (6) Over-the-counter drugs are often really helpful, together with antihistamines that assist ease redness and itching.

Tips on how to Get Rid of Chiggers

What kills chiggers on the pores and skin? Do chigger bites go away on their very own?

On the subject of eliminating chiggers in your physique, it’s often a non-issue.

It takes the pests roughly 4 days to eat in the event that they’re undisturbed, however the unseen chiggers are often disregarded your pores and skin by your garments, or eliminated by you unconsciously as you scratch on the bites, lengthy earlier than they’re completed consuming. (7) As soon as they’re by chance dislodged out of your pores and skin, the chiggers die nearly instantly.

On the subject of chiggers within the panorama, eliminating the pests includes new approaches to backyard upkeep. Chiggers are interested in particular sorts of crops and panorama kinds, so it’s key to deal with these areas: (8)

  • In the reduction of tall vegetation, as chiggers prefer to climb to the tallest factors of crops.
  • Clear away weeds.
  • Maintain your lawns trimmed brief.

Doing this helps scale back humidity across the crops and likewise raises the soil temperature, serving to to kill chiggers and chigger eggs.

5 Pure Residence Treatments for Chigger Bites

Whereas oral or topical drugs are sometimes really helpful for chigger bites, a number of pure residence cures can shortly and successfully scale back the unfold of the rash and hold pores and skin discomfort at a minimal.

1. Take a Heat Bathe

Should you suspect you might have been uncovered to chiggers, otherwise you merely need to do each day prevention upkeep, take a heat bathe instantly after potential publicity (i.e. walks in a park, hikes within the forest, gardening amongst tall grasses or shrubs, and so forth.).

This could shortly and successfully do away with the unseen bugs, dramatically scale back the variety of bites, forestall chigger bites spreading and is often step one for chigger therapy. (9) Use cleaning soap or bathe gel and an exfoliator or fabric and scrub your whole physique.

As a result of chiggers prefer to crawl, scrub in every single place and never simply the place you would possibly see a number of preliminary bites. (10) Pay particular consideration to your ankles and legs.

When you’re completed scrubbing, rinse off with very chilly water, which can assist soothe your pores and skin and scale back itching.

2. Apply Calamine Lotion

Calamine lotion is a pure topical remedy comprised of zinc. Historians have discovered proof of its use for pores and skin itching way back to the Egyptian civilizations of 1500 B.C. (11)

It’s generally used as an anti-itch therapy for chiggers in addition to different types of insect bites. (12) Apply little dabs of this pink liquid to affected pores and skin areas as soon as within the morning and once more within the afternoon, or each time itching returns.

3. Create a Baking Soda Compress

Baking soda has pure skin-soothing properties. To regulate chigger chew itch, in addition to itching from all kinds of insect bites, combine equal components of baking soda and water to create a thick paste. Unfold it onto the chigger rash and let it sit for 20 minutes earlier than rinsing and patting dry. (13)

4. Take a Pure Antihistamine

Whereas your physician could counsel industrial antihistamines, speak with her or him in regards to the appropriateness of pure alternate options.

In a research printed within the Different Medication Assessment medical journal, research individuals took 300 milligrams of stinging nettle a day. (14) Almost 60 p.c of the individuals stated the nettle labored successfully, and practically 70 p.c of them rated the stinging nettle as being simpler than the placebo.

Different pure enzymes and components that could be simply as efficient as drug-based antihistamines embrace: (15)

  • Vitamin C (2 grams of vitamin C per day)
  • Bromelain, an enzyme in pineapples (500 mg taken thrice a day)
  • Quercetin, an antioxidant in onions (dosage varies based mostly on the type of quercetin)

5. Cool Your Pores and skin

Maintaining your pores and skin cool can assist scale back pores and skin irritation and itching, and likewise soothe away topical redness. Use a chilly towel compress, or think about soaking inexperienced tea or black tea luggage, putting them in your fridge for a number of hours, after which making use of them to your pores and skin rash (the antioxidants within the tea can assist nourish and heal your pores and skin).

Tricks to Assist Forestall Chigger Bites

The following time you’re heading out for a picnic or getting right down to play a yard recreation, examine for chiggers so you possibly can keep away from that particular space of grass or park: (16) Lay a chunk of darkish cardboard on the bottom. Inside a couple of minutes, pink or yellow or little crimson bugs will present up on the cardboard if chiggers are current.

Should you’re uncertain if chiggers are current, or just decided to benefit from the open air throughout heat climate no matter chiggers, you possibly can take easy steps to cut back your dangers of getting bitten: (17)

  • Keep away from overgrown areas or tall grass, and follow clear trails or paths when strolling or mountaineering within the woods.
  • Put on clothes that covers as a lot pores and skin as attainable, together with pants and long-sleeved shirts.
  • Take a bathe instantly after ending out of doors recreation.
  • Wash your garments earlier than carrying them once more.

Making use of insect repellent to your garments, together with your sneakers, may also be efficient. Whereas there are various insecticide-based choices available on the market, in relation to residence cures for chigger bites, you can too make your individual repellent utilizing pure components. (18)

In a clear spray bottle, mix 25 drops of sassafras important oil (or clove oil in its place) with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and a tablespoon of aloe vera gel. Shake to mix completely then spritz on your self earlier than heading open air.


The chigger bites themselves are comparatively innocent, apart from being extraordinarily itching. Attempt to keep away from scratching the rash, as this breaks your pores and skin and may improve your dangers of an infection.

In case your chigger rash turns into contaminated, your physician could also be required to place you on a course of antibiotics as a type of chigger bites therapy to maintain the infections and fevers from turning into extra critical.

Key Factors about Chigger Bites

Chiggers are nearly invisible to the bare eye, however their irritating bites can seem after you’ve spent a day open air:

  • Chiggers are generally regarded as a summer season drawback, however they’re current from the spring via the autumn.
  • Chigger signs seem inside a number of hours of being bitten and embrace hives, itching and small pimple-like bumps.
  • Chigger bites a usually restricted to reveal pores and skin uncovered to daylight.
  • Dangers of chigger bites go up should you spend time in and round tall grasses, bushes and the perimeters of woodlands.
  • Chigger signs usually go away after a number of days, however these few days can embrace intense itching and pores and skin rashes.

5 Pure Options to Assist Deal with and Cut back Chigger Signs

  1. Taking a heat bathe and scrubbing all areas of your physique.
  2. Making use of a soothing calamine lotion.
  3. Making a paste of baking soda and letting it soak in your rash for 20 minutes.
  4. Taking a pure antihistamine, comparable to stinging nettle.
  5. Maintaining your pores and skin cool and calm with chilly compresses (e.g. chilled tea luggage).


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