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Coronavirus, new harmful illness

Nowadays Coronavirus is a well-known illness and all of us must be cautious to keep away from this virus. This text discusses what’s COVID-19, the way to keep away from, how antiviral meals and a pure antiviral will be efficient, the way to break the chain of transmission, the way to keep away from coronavirus, and every part that it’s best to find out about Corona. Additionally, we talk about is there any coronavirus remedy?

What’s a virus?

Viruses are small micro organism made up of quite a few genes, that are referred to as RNA or DNA strands, which is the principle reason behind virus transmission. These pathogens alone can not reproduce and develop, and for the expansion, they want host physique cells. It could enter the human physique by way of differing types. They are going to be capable to take management of the host physique cells and result in the speedy launch of the virus within the physique. There are numerous sorts of viruses. The primary well-known virus lately is COVID-19 or coronavirus.

What’s Coronavirus?


The coronavirus is a big household of forms of viruses that additionally embody totally different species. This spice is closely capable of convey illness to people. Based mostly on experiences, it causes respiratory illnesses, equivalent to regular colds to acute and extreme respiratory illnesses in folks. COVID-19 is a mutant virus species that every one the folks of the world are concerned with this virus.

Coronavirus was first found in December 2019 within the province of Wuhan, China. Individuals and not using a sure motive suffered from respiratory issues. Vaccines and present remedies weren’t efficient, which finally led to the identification of this new virus from the Corona household.

This virus could be very harmful and lethal. As there is no such thing as a definitive coronavirus remedy, the principle strategy to maintain wholesome is to interrupt the chain of transmission.

What are the principle signs Corona viruses?


Signs will be like frequent chilly signs. However the principle signs of this virus are extreme fever, cough, and shortness of breath, and acute respiratory issues that must be referred to a health care provider when having these signs.

In accordance with the researches, 80% of sufferers have light indicators and the remainder of sufferers undergo from extreme respiratory stenosis.

Youngsters and people with respiratory issues, coronary heart illness, weak spot of the immune system and cancers and immunodeficiency illnesses are extra vulnerable to this virus.

What are the methods to transmit the Corona virus?

The primary strategy to transmit the COVID-19 is the transmission from folks with this virus. The virus is transmitted by way of cough, sneezing, or talking by way of the respiratory droplets. Additionally, these droplets are unfold over the employees of the sufferers, which can transmit by touching these units and touching the eyes, nostril, and mouth of the individual to the Coronavirus.

For that reason, and in accordance with the suggestions, the affected person ought to maintain not less than 1 to 2 meter distance to forestall transmitting the virus to others.

Methods to stop COVID-19 & the way to break the chain of transmission?

One of the best ways to forestall the COVID-19 and break the chain of transmission is to scale back the transmission of this virus. so by observing the next factors, you may cut back the probability of catching and releasing the virus:

1-wash arms

break chain of transmission of Corona

Wash your arms frequently and correctly with water and cleaning soap, and in addition through the day and at work and college. You should utilize options and antiseptic gels containing alcohol additionally. This is essential to interrupt the chain of transmission of the corona.

2-Keep away from touching your face

Keep away from torching your lips, mouth, eyes and nostril with contaminated arms.

3-Dont Kiss and hug folks

As a lot as potential keep away from kissing and hugging one another

4- Watch out about indicators

On the time of the incidence, equivalent to cough, sneezing and extreme fever, make sure you go to a health care provider and keep at house and loosen up.

5- Use masks


In high-accumulation areas equivalent to public automobiles make sure you use the usual masks. Make certain you understand how to make use of a masks.

6- Throw out your masks

Don’t drop the material and masks within the surroundings that may assist the virus to be launched.

7-Watch out when sneezing and cough

when sneezing or cough, be sure your mouth and nostril are bent with the elbow or napkins and instantly drop away the napkins utilized in protected circumstances.

8- Clear surfaces

It is strongly recommended to repeatedly clear your most generally used surfaces and units with disinfection options. 

9- Keep away from animals

Animals can also transmit corona virus. Keep away from animals to be protected

10- Use cooked meals

Provided that some animals host this virus, make sure you eat the meat and eggs in a totally cooked kind(1).

11- Keep away from travelling

Keep away from the journey and travelling when isn’t needed, particularly for delicate individuals. This tip is necessary for breaking chain of transmission of Corona.

12- Use antiviral meals

Use antiviral meals, as pure anti-virus may also help to keep away from Coronavirus(2). It helps your physique for higher protection towards viruses.

antiviral foods

For which individuals Corona is extra harmful?

• Individuals with a weak immune system and illnesses equivalent to most cancers or issues in one of many organs. In addition to aids that lead to a lower within the immune system operate.

• Sufferers with harmful cardiac circumstances, kidney failure, liver illness, or diabetes.

• Sufferers who’ve bronchial asthma or respiration issues.

Does taking antibiotics assist stop good for coronavirus remedy?

Antibiotics are solely used with a health care provider’s prescription to deal with infections attributable to micro organism. They destroy or stop pathogenic and micro organism.

However the COVID-19 virus is a sort of virus and anti-biotic medication are ineffective on them(3).

Does the COVID-19 have a sure drug for coronavirus remedy?

One of the best ways to deal with a virus is to make use of a vaccine. However sadly, there is no such thing as a vaccine for COVID-19. There aren’t any anti-virus medicines that may kill the virus in sufferers ‘ our bodies.

Contemplating the suggestions of the worldwide well being group, don’t use any drug and antibiotics with out the prescription of a health care provider. And the vaccine is below building and testing.

Is COVID-19 the identical SARS illness?

The reply isn’t any. COVID-19 is similar to the acute Respiratory Syndrome virus (SARS), equivalent to respiratory issues, transmission by way of sneezing or cough, and… However they don’t seem to be the identical. The Corona virus transmits quicker than the SARS virus, however its mortality charge is way lower than SARS.

What’s the incubation interval of Corona virus?

Presently, the incubation interval of corona virus is about 1 to 14 days(4). This era means the time of illness entry to the affected person’s physique till the onset of signs. Nonetheless, this quantity could be totally different in numerous folks.

Can we be contaminated with the animals to Corona?


The corona is massive sort of viruses’ household, and this virus is transmitted to the identical approach because the SARS virus and the MERS ‘ viruses by way of animals. But it surely has not but been decided that the Kozor-19 virus is transmitted from which animals. In consequence, keep away from contacting animals.

How lengthy Corona keep on the surfaces?

The Corona could keep on surfaces from a couple of hours to some days. The persistence of a virus isn’t very excessive within the air, however it could infect totally different surfaces. Researchers have discovered that the persistence of the virus is about 2 hours to 20 days. For instance, the virus stays on the cardboard about 24-hour, on the copper surfaces Four hours, on metal and plastic 2 to three days, and on the surfaces of acetyl as much as 20 days.

Subsequently, the most effective methods to forestall and cut back the prevalence of this virus is the disinfection of various surfaces with alcohol and detergents.

break chain of transmission

Can corona switch by a mailing bundle?

As acknowledged, the Corona could keep on surfaces for a couple of hours and days, and this will likely differ in numerous circumstances (e.g., degree, temperature, or ambient humidity). However the potential for polluting industrial items or mailing packets is low by a virus-infected individual. Subsequently, it may be mentioned that the chance of Corona transmission could be very low by way of postal packages which were subjected to totally different humidity and temperature in numerous circumstances.

Use antiviral meals, as pure anti-virus

natural antiviral

Strengthening the immune system and utilizing antiviral meals may additionally act as a pure antiviral to forestall corona(5). Cabbage for instance is among the greatest antiviral meals(6),(7), and a pure antiviral. As a result of this pure antiviral could provide the physique’s vitamin C in addition to magnesium to enhance the immune system. Additionally, the garlic plant is taken into account one of the crucial well-known antiviral meals(8). This pure antiviral accommodates compounds referred to as aloin and allicin which have implausible antiviral properties. The onion additionally has antiviral properties as a result of onion accommodates antimicrobial compounds. There are numerous antiviral meals and anti-corona herbs for preventing towards Corona.

natural antiviral

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