The Best and Worst Sleeping Positions and Their Effects on Health

Best and Worst Sleeping Positions

2. On Your Back, Arms Up: Position: Lying down on your back with your arms resting beside your face and above your head. This is also called the ‘starfish’ position.

Health Effects:
Pros – Back sleeping is considered the best position in terms of your spinal and neck health. This particular pose places less pressure on the discs, thus preventing spine and neck pain.

In addition, it helps reduce acid reflux because the head is elevated and the stomach is able to sit below the esophagus. This prevents the digested substances from coming back up into the esophagus.

This starfish sleeping posture also prevents facial wrinkles and skin breakouts.


Cons – On the downside, this position can result in snoring issues. Also, having your arms raised above your head can cause pain due to pressure on the nerves in the shoulders.


Avoid using a pillow while sleeping in this posture to allow your head, neck and spine to rest in a neutral position. This means there’s no extra pressure on those areas during your sleep.

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