The Best and Worst Sleeping Positions and Their Effects on Health

Best and Worst Sleeping Positions

1. On Your Back, Arms at Sides: Position: Lying down on your back with your arms resting at your sides. This position is also known as the ‘soldier pose’.

Health Effects:
Pros – Sleeping on your back is usually considered the best position for your spinal health, as the back remains straight. It reduces pressure on the discs, thus preventing pain in the neck and back.

Also, sleeping on your back reduces acid reflux, helps maintain perky breasts and minimizes facial wrinkles.

Cons – Sleep apnea and snoring are common issues associated with back sleepers.

When you sleep on your back, gravity forces the base of the tongue to collapse into the airway. This obstructs breathing and causes snoring that can keep your partner up at night.


If sleeping on your back causes snoring and breathing problems, you can combine this position with a side sleep pose. The combination of the two positions will help you sleep soundly and wake up more refreshed.

Try to sleep on your back without a pillow to keep your neck in a neutral position. Make sure not to use too many pillows, as it can make breathing more difficult. It is best to use a large pillow under the back of your knees to support the natural curve in your lower back. You can also use a buckwheat pillow under your head to support your neck when you lie down.

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