Best All Natural Overnight beauty tips to Wake up Pretty

Overnight beauty tips

Hair Care:

For a healthy hair and better sleep massage a small amount of warm hair oil into your roots. Mix your favorite hair oil with few drops of lavender oil to get healthy hair and promote sleep. Use your fingertips to massage in circular motion for faster hair growth. Top 5 natural hair oils for beautiful hair.


Cleanse and exfoliate to deep clean the skin from dirt and makeup, follow up with a good moisturizing process to rejuvenate your skin overnight. Use a small drop of facial oil under your night cream or massage few drops of avocado oil, argan oil or vitamin e oil before going to bed to wake up to a radiant glow. Glowing skin overnight.

Bye bye puffy eyes and dark circles:

Massage a small amount of almond oil or coffee oil around your eyes using your ring finger to treat dark circles and fines lines. DIY natural coffee eye cream for dark circle and fine lines. 10 home remedies to treat dark circles overnight.

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    June 3, 2018 at 5:30 pm

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