10 Best Moving Tips You Need to Stay Organized During Your Next Move

Moving Tips You Need To Stay Organized

Today I’ll be sharing the 10 best moving tips that saved me during my last move!We have officially moved out of our first home (insert sad face here). As excited as I am for our new adventure, I’m sure going to miss that place. I’ll have to do a round up post with all of my home projects completed there. My true DIY heart was built in that home.

On the day we moved, the movers (AKA my husband’s friends) were able to get everything in the PODS container in less than two hours. They were all amazed at how organized everything was. I promise, I’m definitely not the most organized person in the world, but it helped tremendously to arrange everything before the move. I have a feeling it will be a life saver when we finally get to Ohio too.

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