The Beauty Secret Cosmetic Brands Don’t Want You To Know About

beauty secret

In the past, I was a HUGE sucker for beauty products. Anything that promised to make my skin softer, minimize wrinkles, erase signs of aging, make my pores smaller, or turn me into Christy Brinkley over night– I HAD TO HAVE IT!

OK, HERE’S THE SECRET!! It’s simple and inexpensive. Are you ready for it?

Exfoliate your face with baking soda up to 3 times a week (mixed with just enough water to make a paste), followed by a baby wash to rinse it off (I do this in the morning to prep my skin for makeup). Use baby wash once again at the end of the day to thoroughly clean off your makeup. You can also exfoliate with a wash cloth on alternating days if you have dry, flaky skin like me.

That’s all I’m trying to say is, stop over washing your face with harsh chemicals! It causes a mess of unwanted skin conditions.

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