Air-drying or Blow-drying: Which is Higher?

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When present process your wash-day routine you kinda solely have two choices for drying your hair. Air-drying or blow-drying. Individuals swear by both methodology however which one is definitely higher to your tresses? Let’s dig into this matter and uncover as soon as and for all who actually reigns supreme, we could? 

Benefits of Air-drying 

Air-drying is so simple as it sounds. You enable your strands to dry naturally after exposing them to extra moisture. You don’t must do very a lot however wait and there’re a couple of advantages to this system.

Higher Moisture Retention:

A lot of the physique consists of water and thus requires a major quantity of it to stay wholesome. It solely is sensible that the identical would ring true for our hair. Water, which has additionally been known as our hair’s greatest moisturizer, makes up about 25% of the hair fiber.

Our strands want water to keep up their flexibility and elasticity. With out it, the hair turns into dry, brittle, and inclined to separate ends and/or breakage. If we’re evaluating strategies, then air drying does a a lot better job of serving to the hair retain moisture than its’ counterpart.

It’s because when permitted to dry naturally, hair is being depleted of water slowly so permitting it to sit down within the hair for longer intervals of time. I’ll clarify the downside to this in a while.

It’s Mild on Coloration-Handled Hair

Whenever you colour your hair, you primarily make it extra porous consequently. This implies (relying on the dye and the frequency by which you dye) your hair is extra fragile and inclined to break.

Thus, you don’t actually wish to expose the hair to warmth (particularly extreme warmth) as a result of it could trigger much more dryness and inevitably injury. Air-drying eliminates this concern whereas serving to to retain moisture as talked about above.

Decreases Probability of Mechanical Injury

Mechanical injury is any kind of bodily manipulation that compromises the well being and or the structural integrity of the hair. This contains however is proscribed to combing, brushing, pulling, and so forth… these manipulations could scrub alongside the cuticle layer inflicting them to tear and chip away. 

Blow-drying hair will not be essentially the most mild course of. You’re normally yanking a styling device (i.e. comb, brush, and so forth…) by way of moist or damp strands, probably by way of knots and tangles in a steady movement whereas concurrently making use of warmth and air strain.

To do that with no single occasion of breakage is almost unattainable particularly for a non-cosmetic skilled. Ready for the hair to dry naturally after which styling is far simpler on the hair. Likewise, you might also use a product to assist glide the comb or brush by way of the strands to assist fashion earlier than air drying.

It Might Make Strands Smoother

I do know what you’re pondering. Sometimes, warmth is used to make hair smoother however whenever you make the most of warmth it tends to dry out the strands and causes air pockets contained in the fiber to develop.

This ruffles the outer cuticle layer creating frizz. Air-dried hair wouldn’t bear this course of, in reality, the strands would preserve moisture and the cuticles would lie flat permitting for a smoother look.

Benefits of Blow drying

Now that we all know among the advantages of air-drying we are able to talk about among the benefits of blow-drying.

Dries Hair Quicker

It is a big benefit particularly for the individuals who hate wash-day (like me) as a result of it takes them without end and a day to do their hair from begin to end. Earlier than I began blow-drying …oops, I’m alleged to be neutral…no matter.

Earlier than I began blow-drying my hair it might actually take me all freaking day until in fact, I used to be doing a specific coiffure by which case it may take two days to do my hair.

I imply… I recall the times when simply detangling my hair took me hours. Generally, I’d even fall asleep and get up the following morning to still-damp hair. Not nice when you’re going to an occasion the following day. Anyway, not a lot scientific info on this one, only a rant. Transferring on…

It Straightens Your Hair

One other benefit over air-drying is that blow-drying can truly straighten your hair. It is a big bonus for folks with kind 4 hair who are inclined to have a tighter curl sample.

Stretching your curl or coils will help you scale back these irritating tangles and knots whereas additionally making it simpler to maintain the hair moisturized. This profit can moreover result in size retention. Lastly, straightening your hair on this method provides you added styling choices.

Provides Quantity

That is superb for low-density or fine-haired folks. Assuming you’ve got the proper method, you possibly can primarily create quantity with a blow dryer giving the looks of fuller, thicker hair.

The Drawback with Blow-drying

As I discussed, blow dryers is usually a godsend, although, for all of its virtues, it has simply as many pitfalls. Basically, a blow-dryer’s job is to take away the water out of your strands each externally and internally.

But, whenever you first start the drying course of, a lot of the moisture loss is completed by bodily displacing the water from the hair shaft not essentially by warmth. 

It’s solely after this displacement has taken place alongside the outside of the fiber that the moisture contained in the strand begins to evaporate.

That is truly one cause chances are you’ll hear a stylist inform you to make use of the most popular setting when the hair is at its wettest after which diminish the warmth as you are feeling the strands drying.

The temperature of moist hair doesn’t improve as rapidly as dry hair. Therefore, well-moisturized, dripping hair can tolerate warmth at greater temperatures over partially dried hair as a result of there may be extra moisture to behave as a buffer.

Furthermore, it ought to be talked about that wholesome hair burns at a temperature of 233℃ (451.4℉). The proteins inside our hair start to soften at over 200℃ (392℉) when dry and round 155℃ ( 311℉) when moist. Water begins to exit the hair shaft at 50℃ (122℉) to 120℃ (248℉). The boiling level of water is 100℃ (212℉) and the typical warmth setting on a blow-dryer is between 21℃ (70℉) and 60℃ (140℉) with 91℃ (197℉) being the very best common temperature of a blow-dryer. Why am I supplying all this info?

Nicely, in response to this information, the most important menace going through hair from a blow-dryer will not be the warmth injury per se. Relatively it’s dehydration and fast water loss suffered from its use.


Moisture loss is an actual downside with blow-drying. Inside the cortex of every strand resides water molecules which are each free and sure to keratin proteins.

The help that these molecules present is important for the properties in addition to the integrity of the fiber.  Making use of warmth to those molecules can endanger the interior protein construction and alter the best way the molecules work together with one another.

This could result in alterations in curl sample and/or texture, friction among the many fibers, in addition to boring, breakage-prone hair.

Fast Water Loss

In case your blow-dryer can attain excessive temperatures and also you apply that kind of warmth to your strands, chances are you’ll be placing your hair in danger although maybe not in the best way you’d anticipate.

Though extra frequent with flat irons use, when extreme temperatures are utilized to the hair, it could possibly trigger the water throughout the fiber to boil. One of these “fast” boiling creates tiny areas within the hair which could be seen on a microscope and seem as a sequence of bubbles.

These can result in tears that burst by way of the floor of the cuticle and will end in fragility and breakage. The injury suffered from this concern is normally very acute and totally irrevocable. 

Oxidation of Pigment

Utilizing excessive warmth also can result in oxidation of pigments within the hair whether or not or not it’s your pure colour or dyed hair. 

The Drawback with Air-drying

Air drying has been broadly practiced by many underneath the guise that it’s a more healthy various than blow-drying. It definitely looks like a much less invasive possibility when in comparison with its counterpart.

Nevertheless, dermatologists and cosmetologists alike are sounding the alarm on the potential drawbacks of this methodology of hair drying.

Can Dehydrate the Hair

Everyone knows that age-old delusion when you stroll outdoors within the cool air with moist hair, you’ll doubtless catch a chilly. Nicely, no… that’s not precisely true. Colds are sometimes the results of viruses not the publicity of moist hair to a cooler setting. What’s true is, chances are you’ll be drying out your hair. How?

Your strands are at a far better drawback when moist in order you step outdoors within the cooler air, the water molecules could swell and even solidify if uncovered to freezing temperatures. This motion causes the hair fiber to develop which lifts the cuticles and renders the shaft weak to break.

Might Trigger Mildew to Develop

Mildew (the start phases of mould) is a grey or white easy microscopic organism that prospers in a moist environment. Mildew growths could begin to pullulate on a moist floor inside 24 to 48-hours.

Why am I telling you this? As a result of there have been instances the place folks have air-dried their hair in a single day and awoke to a nightmare of fungus rising on their scalp and/or hair.

This occurs when the hair is unable to dry correctly for an prolonged time period normally in hairstyles reminiscent of buns, ponytails, braids, twists, updos, locs, and so forth… 

Can Injury Your Strands

You’re most likely pondering how can air-drying trigger injury to your strands? In any case,  it’s generally considered a safer possibility over blow-drying.

Nicely, it seems that whenever you enable the hair to dry naturally, you preserving moisture in your hair for longer intervals. This isn’t essentially a nasty factor, but when it turns into a frequent observe it could possibly result in issues.

The water contained in the hair causes the fiber to develop which might degrade the CMC or cell membrane complicated (the glue that holds your cuticles to the shaft). It’s one of many two pathways by which water enters your strands.

As soon as the CMC is compromised chances are you’ll endure injury reminiscent of heighten porosity, strand fragility, and breakage.

What’s Higher Air-drying or Blow-drying

After weighing the entire benefits and drawbacks of each, which one would you say is healthier? In case your reply is air-drying thought-about this.

Based on a Korean research carried out in 2011 the place dermatologists sought to seek out out as soon as and for all what was one of the best methodology for drying hair.

They found that utilizing the warmth setting on a blow-dryer endangered the hair greater than if it weren’t used. Nevertheless, if a blow-dryer, set to excessive warmth, was utilized from a distance it might end in much less injury than simply allowing the hair to dry naturally.

I do know…who would’ve thought? Anyway, I understand this was a protracted submit (for much longer than anticipated however when you grasp in there with me for one more minute, I’ll reveal the really useful technique to blow dry your hair.

The Advisable Method To Blow Dry

You wish to begin out washing the hair as you usually would. 

Then dry your hair with a microfiber towel or an outdated t-shirt. Not an everyday cotton towel.

Subsequent, allow the hair to dry naturally however solely about 70 to 80%.

Afterwhich, take your dryer inserting it on the good setting, and start to blow-dry the hair staying a minimum of 6 inches away out of your head transferring it round in a steady movement.

Closing Ideas

Okay, in order that’s all I obtained for this submit. I hope you loved it or on the very least discovered one thing. Bear in mind, hair-care is subjective so when you like both methodology of drying your hair then that’s completely effective. The vital factor is you’ve got the information to alter or alter your routine to make it be just right for you.

When you’ve got any questions or feedback please depart them under within the drop-down field. Lastly, when you preferred this submit try a few of my different posts and/or signal as much as my electronic mail checklist for extra hair suggestions!


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