9 Simple Exercises to Get Tight and Slim Thighs

Being fat or plump does not mean that it is the end of world. The world comes to an end when you give up on your hopes of getting back in shape. It might require a little effort but it is not impossible. So to reduce fat deposits from your body and get back in shape your determination is all you need. Follow a simple and healthy diet and hit the right muscles with the right exercise to bring it back in shape.

Here are a few very simple exercises exercises to lose thigh fat which have no special equipment needs and can be done at home while watching your favorite programmes on television to reduce the extras from your inner and outer thighs.

Exercises To Reduce Thigh Fat:

Here are our best exercises for reducing thighs at your home.

1. The Butterfly Stretch:

One of the simplest and most effective stretches; it affects the thighs and hips.

The Butterfly Stretch exercise for thigh fat reduction

How to Do:

  • Sit on the mat with your legs stretched out in front and back straight
  • Fold the knees outwards and join the soles together in front of you
  • Take a grip of ten toes in your palm and gently bring it inwards near the groin – do not force
  • Maintaining the position and keeping your back straight, move the knees up and down like the butterfly wings
  • Do this at least 30 times; thereafter bend and try to touch your head on the floor
  • Hold the pose and count ten
  • Slowly go back to initial position

Do not try to stretch beyond your capacity. Try regularly and you will notice the increased flexibility in your thigh muscles.

2. Squatting:

Squats target more than one area in the body and are one of the most basic and effective way to tone lower body and pelvic area.

squatting exercise for thigh fat reduction

How to Do:

  • Stand straight with your legs apart at shoulder length. Hand on the sides.
  • Now bring your hands parallel to the shoulder in front
  • Bend from your knees so that the calf and femur are perpendicular
  • Ensure that the back is straight
  • Now hold this position for 10 seconds
  • Gradually left up to the initial position.
  • Repeat this 30 times in sets of 10 each taking 30 seconds break.

Initially holding the final position for 10 seconds would not be achievable, so start with 3-5 seconds and increase gradually.

3. Ankle Touch – Standing:

Ankle touches stretch the thigh muscles and as an additional benefit help tone the abdomen area too.

Ankle Touch exercise for thigh fat reduction

How to Do:

  • Stand with your legs wide apart and hands on the side
  • Now gradually raise the hands up high, stretching your abdominal muscles
  • The target is to point the ceiling with all ten fingers and abdomen stretched
  • Slowly, bend down from your waist and touch the toes of one feet with both hands
  • Make sure the knees are straight – lift your toes on the ankle if needed
  • Hold in position for 10 seconds
  • Gradually lift up back to hands high position
  • Now follow the same procedure to touch the other toe
  • Lift back up and back to standing position.

Do this at least 10 times on each side to burn those extra pounds off thighs and hide the tummy fat.

4. One Leg Toe-Touch:

This exercise burns fat deposits from inner thighs and tones outer thigh muscles too.

One Leg Toe Touch exercise for thigh fat reduction

How to Do:

  • Sit with your legs stretched out in front at shoulder length
  • Fold the left leg from the knees and place the sole on the inner thigh of your right leg
  • Keep the back straight and hold the left ankle with your left leg
  • Now stretch your right arm to point the fingers to the ceiling and gradually bend forward
  • The target is to touch the toes of your right foot
  • Bring the toes inwards if the need be
  • Hold the position for 5 seconds before going back to hands upright position
  • Repeat at least 10 times before switching legs

Remember not to over stretch the back or thigh muscles. Initially the pose might not be perfect, but it will soon be with regular efforts.

5. Knee Pulling:

This exercise is an opposite of ab-crunches where you pull your lower body and get it into shape instead of the upper body.

Knee Pulling exercise for thigh fat reduction

How to Do:

  • Lie down on a yoga mat with hands straight on your side
  • Now bend at the knee and lift the right leg
  • For support thread your fingers around the knees
  • Make sure the other leg is straight on the floor – this is a necessity for the exercise to be beneficiary.
  • Now pull the leg as close to the chest as you can
  • Hold in position for 5-7 seconds and release to lying position
  • Repeat for other leg

Take turns and do at least 15 stretches on each leg. Overall thighs and buttocks are benefitted by this exercise.

6. Back Kicks:

Back kicks strengthen the limbs and are good for thighs and buttocks. It also helps get rid of the pain associated with lower back region.

Back Kick exercises for thigh fat reduction

How to Do:

  • Get down on all fours with elbows straight and toes pointed at the wall behind you.
  • Look at the floor so that the spinal cord is parallel to the floor.
  • Now lift a leg and kick high at an angle where the sole should be parallel to the ceiling and calf and thighs perpendicular
  • In two seconds get back to all fours position
  • Do this 15 times before switching legs.

As a reminder – do not overstretch. Thighs and legs have very sensitive muscles and prone to damages easily on a fatty body. Start with 5 or ten kicks and increase gradually.

7. Step Lunges:

Lunges tone inner thigh and strengthen the calf. It acts as a toner to the lower body and improves flexibility. Toning is equally essential so that the skin and muscles do not fall saggy after losing the extra pounds.

Step Lunge exercises for thigh fat reduction

How to Do:

  • Stand with legs at shoulder length distance and hands straight on the sides.
  • Lift you left leg and step forward stretching the right leg at its maximum
  • The left sole should be firm on the ground and knees and calf perpendicular
  • While bringing the leg at front, straighten the arms at front parallel to the ground
  • Hold the position for 5 seconds. Then get back to normal position.

Step lunges can be done alternatively for either legs or one leg at a time. Doing at least 10 times on each leg is advisable for visible results in no time. Lunges also have several variants to make it more challenging which can be performed after 5-7 weeks.

8. Side Kicks:

Side Kicks make an excellent way to kick-off the fatty deposits on inner thighs.

Side Kick exercises for thigh fat reduction

How to Do:

  • Stand straight with legs at shoulder length distance
  • Now shifting the body weight to left leg stretch out your right leg to the side
  • Bend the upper body to the left side
  • The target is to have your  right leg parallel to the floor
  • Hold in position for 2 seconds
  • Slowly come back to initial position

Do ten kicks on each side alternately making it a set of 20. Do at least three such sets.

9. Back Leg Pull:

Back Leg Pulls can be done while lying and while standing. Either ways it helps in toning inner and outer thighs to get the perfect shape.

How to Do:

Sleeping Position:

Beautiful young woman stretch exercising on floor

  • Lie flat on the mat on your tummy
  • Fold your right leg at the knee and stretch the right arm backward to pull it as much as you can tolerate.
  • Lift your upper body on the left elbow simultaneously.
  • Hold in position for a few seconds before going back to initial position.
  • Repeat for the other leg.
  • To be done at least 15 times on both legs.

Standing Position:

Back Leg Pull standing position

  • Stand upright with feet at shoulder length
  • Take the support of a table at front if the need be and pull your right leg up
  • Support to maintain the position with your right arm, maintain the back straight
  • Hold for 2 seconds and get back to initial position
  • Repeat for the other leg
  • To be done at least 15 times on both the legs

For women who have serious weight problems, lying and doing the exercise can be tough, so begin with standing position and shift to sleeping position later.

Depending on the body type and the duration from which the fatness has been there, it might take just a little more effort to bring the body in shape. The only surety is that if you continue to put in hard work it will pay off with a curvy reward.

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