8 Easy Exercises to Lose Inner-Thigh Fat!

Exercises to Lose Inner-Thigh Fat

7. Stability Ball Squeeze

Stability balls are exercise items that help tone and strengthen your core along with your chosen exercise. With this exercise I will show you how to target those inner-thighs.

How to do it (a lying down version):

  • Laying flat on your back place a stability ball between your knees and hold it there. Now, with your hands placed by your sides and not moving, squeeze the ball with your knees.

  • You will feel your inner-thigh muscles working really hard against the resistance of the ball. Don’t squeeze too hard, you’re just aiming to push until you feel a little resistance. You can work up to stronger squeezes over time.
  • Relax your legs and return to the starting position without losing complete grip on the ball. Repeat this exercise for 1-2 reps of 25.

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