6 Home/Dorm Tips, Tricks and Hacks Every One Needs To Know


I was a commuter student, so I never lived at school, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how dorms work. During college, I spent enough time in my friend’s dorm rooms to become more than a little familiar at how the tiny, cramped space can easily become messy, disorganized, and stressful. For the last two years, I’ve helped my little sister move into her dorm room, so I know firsthand how hard it is to set it up so that everything is where you need it without taking up too much room.

And most of these can also be used in apartments, if you’re moving off campus! Here are 6 dorm room tips and tricks every college student needs to know.

1. When packing your stuff, make sure you label properly. My sister didn’t do this, and unpacking was incredibly confusing. 

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