13 Yoga Poses For Weight Loss To Lose Weight Quickly

Seeking to shed just a few kilos, then 13 Yoga Poses for Weight Loss is the proper place to begin with.

Yoga is touted as a technique to “burn fats with out breaking a sweat!”

However is it actually true?

Quick Reply is Positively Sure!

I keep in mind once I first had a teeny tiny considered yoga in my thoughts, I made a decision to not pursue it due to the identical motive, it’s too good to be true.

If you’re on the similar place, belief me on this, you aren’t alone.

We frequently emphasize on doing the laborious work somewhat than following the precise method.

For instance, if you’re attempting to lose 10 kilos in every week, your first thought can be to run 10 miles or 100 crunches. In brief, quite a lot of laborious work as nothing comes free, proper?


It’s not one of the simplest ways to shed some pounds, so my level is to align your efforts in the precise path and you’ll certainly see outcomes.

Bridge Yoga Pose

It is without doubt one of the first yoga poses I attempted due to its simplicity. Chances are you’ll really feel that you must be a superhuman do this, it’s actually not the case.

Simply strive it and you will notice it is without doubt one of the greatest yoga poses for Weight Loss with so many different advantages like decreasing stress, helps in enhancing digestion, aids in hypertension, and many others.

How To Do It

1. Start the asana by mendacity flat on the Yoga Mat.

2. Bend your knees and attempt to transfer your ft as shut as attainable in direction of your hips.

3. Let your arms relaxation beside your physique, along with your palms dealing with downwards.

4. Gently elevate your again (higher, center and decrease) such that each one the burden is in your arms, shoulders, and legs.

5. Raise as excessive as attainable, in order that your chest is in touch along with your chin. For a lot of newbies it gained’t be simple to the touch the chest along with your chin, it might appear like the picture above and it’s completely effective. Simply, don’t drive your chin downward.

6. Maintain the place for five seconds and repeat 5-10 occasions.

Newbie’s Suggestions

Attempt to be as mild as attainable so that you just gained’t put any stress in your neck.

side plank Yoga Pose

It’s not uncommon to see some type of a “plank” within the checklist of greatest yoga poses for Weight Loss. There are such a lot of variations of the plank they usually all are superior on your tummy aka nice abs.

However Aspect Plank is one in all my favorites as a result of it significantly targets the love handles, which you already know generally is a nuisance.

How To Do It

1. Start in a daily plank place along with your palms face down on the yoga mat and your toes collectively.

2. Roll the precise aspect of your physique, hold all of your weight on the left aspect firmly positioned on the bottom.

3. Stretch as a lot as you’ll be able to.

4. Do the identical for the opposite aspect.

4. Repeat 10 occasions for either side

Newbie’s Suggestions

Should you discover the aspect plank pose a bit difficult, begin with a traditional plank place and steadily transfer to the aspect plank pose.

Cobra Yoga Pose

Cobra Pose is a yoga model of Superman Train. It’s a fantastic train on your core – stomach, decrease again, and hips.

How To Do It

1. Start by mendacity face-down on the ground along with your legs prolonged behind you.

2. Then, transfer your arms to the entrance and place your palms on the ground.

3. Inhale as you gently elevate your head and chest off the ground. Maintain your decrease ribs on the ground.

3. Replicate a Cobra by wanting straight forward.

4. Maintain the place for 30 seconds. With time you’ll simply contact the 2-minute mark.

Bow Yoga Pose

Don’t let the pose scare you as a result of we’ve got just a few newbie’s suggestions for this pose that will help you out to get began.

I can’t let this pose disregarded because it helps to strengthen the again in addition to the belly muscle tissue. It additionally will increase again’s flexibility, nice stress buster, and many others. In brief, top-of-the-line yoga poses for Weight Loss.

How To Do It

1. Lie flat in your abdomen and gently fold your knees to carry your ankles.

2. Inhale and gently elevate your chest off the bottom. Pull your legs again.

3. Look straight forward and focus in your respiratory.

4. Maintain the pose for 10-15 seconds after which launch the pose.

Newbie’s Suggestions

I’m certain you’re keen to listen to this out however right here’s the excellent news it’s possible you’ll assume it should take quite a lot of time to grasp this asana however no!

The one drawback may be flexibility meaning both you’ll be able to’t seize your ankles or discover it extraordinarily uncomfortable. You may roll up a towel or a blanket and place it beneath your legs to get the additional assist.

Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose

Downward Dealing with Canine is without doubt one of the of the preferred yoga poses for Weight Loss.

How To Do It

1. Stand in your 4 limbs such that your physique is in table-like construction. Align your wrists instantly beneath your shoulder and knees beneath the hips.

2. Exhale and gently elevate your hips, forming an inverted “V” place. Don’t lock your knees.

3. Your ears ought to contact your arm and weight distributed evenly throughout your arms.

4. Flip Your Gaze in direction of your navel and maintain it for a for a minute.

5. Bend your knees and return to the desk place.

Newbie’s Suggestions

Be certain your weight is distributed evenly in your arms.

Attempt to hold your heels down however in the event you can’t, it’s all proper, give it a while. You may even begin bending your knees alternatively to launch the strain out of your hamstring, it should enable you to maintain your self engaged and enhance your flexibility.

V Ups - Exercises to Burn Belly fat Fast

If you’re on the lookout for an important yoga pose for a direct impression in your stomach aka abs generator, this pose is ideal for you and in addition one in all our favourite Yoga Poses for Weight Loss.

If you’ll do that pose accurately, you’ll actually really feel that your abs are on fireplace.

If you’re a newbie, strive Half Boat Pose (mentioned under)

How To Do It

1. Start by sitting on the mat and place your arms on the ground, barely behind your hips.

2. Inhale and slowly elevate your legs off the mat at 45- diploma angle from the ground, holding your higher physique place straight. Maintain your Legs Straight.

3. Now, elevate your arms and stretch them out such that they’re parallel to the bottom.

4. Focus in your respiratory and keep on this place for 30 seconds.

Newbie’s Suggestions

Should you discover the pose very difficult, give it a while. Begin by bending your knees (As a substitute of straight) such that your shin is parallel to the bottom.

You may assist your legs by holding your thighs to steadiness your self.

Triangle Yoga Pose

It’s a newbie pleasant pose and it additionally helps with the pliability of the physique together with controlling stomach fats.

How To Do It

1. Stand on prime of your yoga mat upright along with your legs three to 4 ft aside.

2. Be certain your proper foot is positioned exterior at 90 levels and the left foot is positioned in at 15 levels Align the middle of your proper heel with the middle of the arch of the left foot (Test the place of ft within the picture above).

3. Elevate Your arms on the shoulder stage holding your elbows straight.

4. Then bend in direction of your proper and contact the bottom on the precise aspect. Each your arms ought to type a straight line.

5. Relying in your consolation, you’ll be able to contact your ankle, shin or knee (as an alternative of the bottom) along with your proper hand.

6. Maintain the posture for just a few seconds. Look Up!

7. Repeat the identical for the left aspect.

Newbie’s Suggestions

All by the asana, be sure you hold your again straight.

Focus extra on the steadiness and never on the pliability. Should you can concentrate on the steadiness, flexibility will shortly observe.

Chair Yoga Pose

It’s really easy to take a seat on a chair, proper? However if you find yourself sitting on an imaginary chair, it may be fairly difficult.

If in case you have by no means achieved one thing like this, it’s possible you’ll discover it ridiculously simple but it surely’s not. It’s mainly a yoga model of a squat.

So, it’s excellent for our checklist of prime yoga poses for weight reduction.

How To Do It

1. Stand straight in your ft and place your ft barely aside.

2. Stretch your arms ahead and slowly elevate them above your head as you decrease right into a squatting place.

3. Just be sure you can nonetheless see your ft, in the event you can’t, it means you’re bending your knees too far ahead.

4. Attract your rib cage barely to maintain your backbone straight.

5. Maintain the place for 30 seconds.

Newbie’s Suggestions

As a newbie, it may be fairly difficult to carry this pose, be happy to make use of the assist of a wall as you begin off.

Shoulder Stand Yoga Pose

If you’re intimidated by this pose, don’t be. It appears far more difficult than it truly is, so give it a shot. It’s nonetheless top-of-the-line yoga poses for weight reduction because it challenges all of your physique elements plus it’s newbie pleasant too.

How To Do It

1. Lie down in your again and produce your knees near your chest.

2. Press your arms on to the bottom that will help you elevate your hips off the bottom along with your knees nonetheless bent at your chest.

3. Transfer your arms to your decrease again, holding your higher arms on the mat.

4. Slowly transfer your palms down, stretching your torso such that each one your weight is resting in your shoulders.

5. Straighten your knees such that your heels and shoulders are in a straight line.

6. Maintain the pose for 30 seconds and launch the pose slowly.

Newbie’s Suggestions

For additional safety on your neck, place a folded blanket or two in your yoga mat, such that your head lies two-three inches decrease than your shoulders.

Should you discover it troublesome to steadiness your physique, use a wall as a prop to steadiness your physique.

Warrior One Yoga Pose

One of the crucial elegant Yoga Poses for Weight Loss and Flexibility and most of all it’s a newbie pleasant Yoga Pose.

It is part of a “Vinyasa” used to explain a selected sequence of poses – Warrior I, Warrior II and Warrior III.

The Warrior routine shouldn’t be ignored as it’s important in terms of the perfect Yoga Poses for Weight Loss.

Learn how to Do it

1. Start by putting your ft three to 4 ft aside from one another.

2. (Refer picture) Pivot your proper foot at 90 Levels and torso together with it. Your again foot (left) will tilt robotically at approx. 45 levels such that your entrance foot’s heel is in the identical line with the arch of your again foot.

3. Inhale. Slowly elevate your arms over your head.

4. Look straight forward. Maintain the pose for 30 seconds.

5. Exhale and launch the pose.

Observe: You may repeat it for the opposite aspect or transition into the Warrior II pose. It’s fully your alternative if you wish to repeat the entire sequence once more for the opposite aspect or one after the other.

Newbie’s Suggestions

Attempt to hold your entrance knee at 90-degree angle however for the newbies, it may be difficult. Your stance would appear like the stance within the picture with knee barely larger than 90 levels.

Warrior Two Yoga Pose

How To Do It

1. From Warrior I (above), you must merely lengthen your arms to each side.

2. Transfer your chest and hips in the identical path as your again foot.

3. The arms ought to be parallel to the ground.

4. Gaze softly in direction of the center finger of your hand. Maintain the pose for 30 seconds.

5. Transition into Warrior III or repeat for the opposite aspect.

Newbie’s Suggestions

Once more, attempt to hold to maintain your knee near 90 levels as attainable. Problem your self however be sure that to not push your self too far.

Warrior Three Yoga Pose

Warrior III is probably the most difficult pose within the sequence. It could look simple at first look however holding the pose in the precise type is just not as simple because it appears.

It’s can be just a little troublesome to steadiness your physique, so give this pose just a little time.

How To Do It

1. From Warrior II, twist your physique within the ahead path coming again in Warrior I place.

2. Stretch your arms proper in entrance of you for steadiness. Your arms ought to be proper in entrance of your nostril.

3. Inhale. Slowly elevate your left leg behind you such that your arms and the left leg are in a straight line, perpendicular to the bottom.

4. Maintain the pose for 30 seconds. Exhale and launch the pose.

5. Repeat the entire Warrior Sequence for the opposite aspect.

Newbie’s Suggestions

There’s a good probability that you just gained’t have the ability to stretch your leg fully and it’s effective, stretch as a lot as you’ll be able to and discover your steadiness or You may strive Lord of the Dance Pose (under).

Lord of the dance Yoga Pose

Should you discover Warrior III a bit more difficult at this second, you’ll be able to positively strive Lord of the Dance Pose. It’s rather more newbie pleasant yoga pose.

How To Do It

1. Stand firmly on the yoga mat. Take a maintain of your proper ankle along with your proper hand.

2. Carry your proper ankle near your hips as a lot as you’ll be able to and look straight forward to search out your steadiness.

3. As soon as you’re comfy (after some time there can be no want for a pause), stretch your left hand out and gaze softly in direction of your center finger.

4. Shift your weight ahead slowly. As you lean ahead, tilt your tailbone again to assist the arch within the again.

5. Elevate your proper leg as a lot as you’ll be able to. Cease once you discover your comfy spot.

6. Maintain the pose for 30 seconds. Repeat for the opposite leg.

Newbie’s Suggestions

Be certain your left leg is totally straight. Attempt to not transfer sideways an excessive amount of.

That’s it listed here are your 13 Yoga Poses For Weight Loss, however if you’re actually critical about shedding weight, scroll down under.

Yoga Burn - Yoga for beginners Weight Loss

If you’re actually critical about shedding weight with yoga and don’t need to shell out 200$ on a private coach, then I extremely suggest Yoga Burn For Girls.

I personally checked it out and it’s secure to say the entire 12-week Course is excellent. Though the course says it’s acceptable for each person, in my private opinion, it’s good for newbies and intermediate however not for superior yogis.

You might be right here meaning you’re about to begin yoga or a newbie, then it’s excellent for you.

Key Highlights:

  • Easy to grasp and follow
  • Achieve Flexibility
  • Enhance Immunity
  • Tighten Abdomen
  • Enhance Metabolism
  • Nicely Structured 12 week Plan
  • Video Format
  • A group of Like-Minded Individuals

Zoe Bray-Cotton is an authorized Yogi with over 10 years of expertise who will stroll you thru every yoga pose in nice element. However what I actually preferred was her technique referred to as “Dynamic Sequencing”.

Dynamic Sequencing is a Step by Step Sequence of steps for the correct amount of time, to problem you however with out pushing the bounds. Though, you’ll not go into the sequences the very first week as Yoga Burn is split into three phases:

  1. Foundational Movement – Understanding yoga poses and dealing on Flexibility
  2. Transitional Movement –  You begin working in your physique on this section
  3. Mastery Movement –  Right here the magic occurs with the sequence of steps

The most effective half is you’ll follow yoga within the consolation of your personal house, so it’s fully on you ways shortly you need to transfer forward. So, it doesn’t matter what your age is or your present expertise.

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